The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



4. School

*Knock knock knock* ''Taylor sweetie wake up you don't want to be late for your first day of school now do you'' said my aunt Sarah still knocking on the door. ''Okay Aunt Sarah iam awake just let me get ready'' ugh i was so tired from packing all my things from yesterday and now iam staring a new school. I got up and went to the bath room took a warmth shower and brushed my teeth of course then went to my closet and pick out a beautiful pink dress my aunt got me and with some high heels . And of course i curled my Beautiful long brown hair.

I went down stairs and saw that there was food on the table bacon and eggs. ''Morning aunt Sarah'' i said giving her a hug and sitting down to eat. ''Morning sweetie and i see you put on that beautiful dress i bought you'' ''Yes and thanks''. When i finished eating i went up stairs to get my backpack. ''Come on Taylor time for school'' said Aunt Sarah from downstairs. ''COMING'' i had my backpack hanging from one shoulder ''Lets go'' she said when we got in the car. I was so nervous what would people think of me.When we there i said good bye to Aunt Sarah and entered the building. I got my schedule from the office my first period was Math great.... When i walked in everyone stared at me. ''Hello Ms....?'' ''Ms.Marquez'' i said sticking out my hand to shake to my new teacher. ''Hello Ms.Marquez please sit over there on the empty desk near Alexis and  iam your teacher Mr.Lopez'' i did what i was told. ''Hai iam Alexis'' she said with a smile ''Hey iam Taylor'' ''You seem nice and sweet'' ''Thanks''. Mr.Lopez was staring the class when a guy can in the class. ''Mr.Horan why are you late again'' asked Mr.Lopez all mad ''Sorry Lopez i was with the girl'' he said with a wink. ''Its MR.LOPEZ and iam calling your dad again'' ''Go ahead i dont care and i never will'' he took a seat in front of me. ''Thats Niall hes the bad boy of the school hes always skipping class and laying with all the girls in the school his dad runs the school and don't get near with trust me'' Alexis whispered in my ear I just shaked my head like okay. The phone rang Mr.Lopez answered it the whole class started talking when he was on the phone and that's when niall turned around the started at me ''Hey beautiful'' he said winking at me ''Urmm hai'' i said with a small smile . ''leave her alone Niall!'' Alexis told him with a sassy tone '''Shut up let me talk to her i wont hurt her haha'' he said turning around facing the front. I looked at Alexis who just rolled her eyes at him. The bell rang we were all dismised. All my classes went great but then it came to lunch. I got my lunch and i didn't know were to sit when all of sudden i saw Alexis waving at me to sit with her i walked up were she was sitting and sat with her. ''Hey amiga'' she said laughing ''haha hey whats up'' ''Not much just wanted you to sit with me'' she said while putting a cheeto into her mouth. We talked all day until we went home. I was in the parking lot when i felt arms around my waist i quickly turned aroung to see Niall.... ''Oh my gosh you scared me'' i said backing up ''haha sorry love need a ride?'' ''umm no thanks iam okay ill just walked home i dont live so far..'' i was so scared at this point you never know what he has done. He took my phone out of my hand ''HEY GIVE IT BACK'' ''wait love haha'' i try my best to get it but he was to strong when he Finley gave it to me i saw that he texted  himself to get my number when i turned around he wasn't there no more but my Aunt was there waiting for me .... SHIT 

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