The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



2. Mom...!

I woken up by my mom yelling down stairs like always i was the only child my mom had my dad left her cause she always use to yell at him a lot. My dad didn't want me to go with him cause he didn't want me to leave my mom  alone and kill herself... i know weird right? ''TAYLOR HURRY UP YOU HAVE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE WERE HAVING GUEST OVER IN A LITTLE BIT!!!!!'' i herd her from down stairs. I quickly got out of bed and ran to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth and then ran to my closet  got out some shorts with a cute nemo shirt and then ran down stairs. ''yes mom?'' ''CLEAN UP !!!!!!'' she was lying on the ground for some freakin reason? but i did what i was told. I washed the dishes first and then cleaned the living room,bed rooms,bathroom. It was around 12 when i was almost done sweeping the floor when i herd a loud noise coming from the kitchen. It was my mom she was braking the dishes??. ''MOM WTF ARE YOU DOING I JUST CLEANED THOSE'' i yelled at her while taking the dishes out of her hands. ''WHEN IAM DONE BRAKING THEM YOU CAN CLEAN THEM NOW LEAVE!!!!!'' ''YOU KNOW WHAT IAM TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT ALL THESE 18 YEARS HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE CAUSE OF YOU !!!!!! IAM MOVING OUT FUCK YOU MOM AND I SEE WHY DAD LEFT YOU'' i said and then ran upstairs.'' WERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING YOU AINT LEAVING ME!'' i herd her say. ''IAM GOING TO GO LIVE WITH AUNT SARAH IN LONDON I AINT DEALING WITH YOU NO MORE'' i yelled back at her. ''SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU SHE HATES YOU'' my mom said slamming the door open from my bedroom. ''I HAVEN'T EVEN MET HER SO HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU FREAKIN MONSTER!!!!!'' i couldnt deal with her no more i need to get out of this house and i need her to get out of my life. I need to leave as soon as possible i cant stay here no more . My mom left crying out of my room. Good now i can call a taxi to come pick me up from here. After i called him/her i packed my things and then went down stairs my mom was asleep in the sofa i tried not to wake her up so i tip toed to the door. When i saw my taxi arrived i put my stuff on the trunk and got inside the taxi and next thing you knew i was taken to the airport.

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