The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



10. Love ?

Me and Niall where in his room when we herd polices cars. ''Omg Niall we have to get out of here my aunt called the police!'' i said shaking '' Its okay love lets just get out from the back door don't be scared i got you'' he grab my hand and leaned my to down stairs and into his kitchen ( where the back door was). As we got out he started to run ''Niall don't run i don't feel like running'' i said falling to the ground ''Aww is the princess tired already'' he said in a cute way. He came over to me and picked me up in a bride way.

''So where are going now?'' i asked ''Well Love where going for a walk and until the police leaves my house and then we will go back'' ''Okay i guess'' i wasn't sure if i wanted to be with him like come on he gets into fights and hes trouble. We went for a walk in the park when we arrived i told him to put me down and he did. ''Why are we at the park?'' i asked looking around ''Just for fun'' when he were walking he reached for my hand. ''So Princess How do you like school here in London'' he asked sitting on a bench ''Good i guess its not that bad'' i asked sitting next to him ''Hey umm Taylor can i ask you a question?'' he asked looking in my eyes ''Yeah sure'' his eyes were burning to mine. ''Do you wanna go out with me?'' he looked at the ground when he said the words i pretended i didn't listen ''what?'' i asked Oh god why did i just say that. ''Never mind we should be going'' he got up and started walking and followed behind him i felt bad.

Nialls P.O.V


She acted like she didn't hear what i said it kinda hurt me. No Niall focus you can't be falling inlove with her remember what your boss said you fall inlove with a girl your out of the gang. I have to stay in the gang thats the only way how i make money.


Taylors P.O.V


When we reached Niall's house he didn't say a single word to me it hurt a little cause i was falling inlove with him. His eyes his ocean blue eyes <3 . He walked up to his room and i followed him behind. ''Niall don't be mad at me please'' i asked in a hurt ton his back was facing me he didn't move for a while. ''You acted like you didn't hear me!'' he turned around and started yelling. I got scared i never seen him yell like this his whole face was so red he was scaring me i had tears rolling down my cheeks. He could see i was getting scared. ''No please love i didn't mean to scare you'' he asked coming towards me. ''No please Niall don't hurt me'' i asked covering my face. I was laying in the corner of his room he came and sat next to me ''I would never hurt you love its just that...'' he asked in a sad ton ''Its just that what Niall'' i asked looking at him ''Its just that when i look at you i can't control myself iam truly falling inlove with you but i can't'' he asked looking at his shoes. When i herd that he loved me it made me happy inside cause i feel the same way about him but i can't fall inlove with him because hes trouble and my aunt would kill me. ''I feel the same way Niall'' i asked hugging him. I pulled away and are faces were inches away ''Niall'' i whispered ''Shhh love'' and are lips smashed together it felt so right to kiss him. I sat on his lap still kissing him he wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck a moan escaped my mouth he started laughing ''I can see you like that My princess'' ''I love you is what it is'' i said kissing him harder he picked me up and threw me to his bed he took my shirt off and well you know what happens next......

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