The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



12. Hurt </3

( 4 days pass c:)


The next day i woke up in Niall's arms it felt so right my head was in his chest It was 7:30 a.m and i had school at 9:45 so why not go home and get ready right?. I was about to get up when i herd a phone ring i think it was Niall's the ringing was coming from downstairs so i went downstairs to get it Niall was still asleep tho. I picked up his phone it was a message from someone.

Veronica: Hey Baby Its me your girl i just wanted to say that i can't wait for tonight i wonder where your taking me i hope its your house heheh love you <3

Niall was dating someone my body was shaking hard i couldn't move i couldn't believe him all he wanted was to get under my pants and he did i was hurt at that point i need to go upstairs and get my stuff. I put the phone down and went upstairs but when i entered his room he was awake ''Morning babe'' he asked in his morning voice ''Don't talk to me i regret having sex with you or doing anything with you! you used me i hate you !'' i said i had tears rolling down my cheeks now. ''Wow wow wow whats wrong love'' he said getting up and walking up to me. ''You have a gf Niall you used me how coul-'' he cut me off ''What do you mean i have a gf i don't iam single! I want you to be my gf !'' he asked grabbing my waist. I put my hands in his chest to pull of but i couldn't he was to strong ''You have veronica...'' i asked looking at the ground he let go of me and he turned red ''Taylor get out please'' he asked siting on his bed with his face on his hands

''Niall'' i whispered ''I SAID GET OUT!'' i started crying again i got dressed and left his house. I cant believe i lost my virginity to him i feel so stupid i need to tell Alexis. When i arrived home my aunt came running down ''well looks who's home'' she said crossing her arms ''Sorry aunt Sarah iam just gonna go upstairs and get ready for school'' ''Good now go''. I went upstairs got ready i put my hair in a messy bun and i put on some sweats and some hoddie jacket i grabbed my backpack and went downstairs. ''Aunt Sarah iam ready to go'' i said in a sad tone ''Okay lets go'' we got in the car and non of us said a word the whole car ride was very silent. When i arrived at school i went directly to Mr.Lopez''s class i saw Alexis she waved at me i went and sat next to her ''Hey Alexis..'' ''Hey tay and why are you acting strange?'' she asked pulling my hair behind my ear ''Well i slept with Niall'' i started crying i looked up at her and her mouth dropped open ''OMG'' is the only word she said.

'' he treated me like a princess he said he loved me and everything and after we did it i fell asleep in his arms and well in the morning his phone was ringing and i went to get it and well some girl texted him and it said how happy she was to see him tonight and that she hopes tha-'' i started crying even more ''Said that??'' she asked rubbing my back ''that he takes her to his place'' i couldn't control my tears i was so broken and hurt. ''Its gonna be okay don't worry'' she said ''I hope so but iam falling for him'' i said as soon as Mr.Lopez came in ''Hello class and Good Morning today we are learning about Algebra'' and he started the lesson but i was dozzing off and not even paying attention but until the door slammed open and Niall came in. His eyes were puffy and red he must of been crying to.


Niall's P.O.V


I slammed Mr.Lopez's class door open i didn't even care what that old guy had to say. Every eye was on me like everyday until i saw Taylor crying her eyes were puffy and red like mine. Yeah i been crying and i know ya'll are wondering why is Niall the bad boy crying isn't he tuff???. ''Mr.Horan late again i see?'' Said Mr.Lopez crossing his arms ''Sorry Lopez wont happen again'' i said sitting in-front of Taylor i known her for 5 days already and i broke her heart already Dang! ''Mr.Lopez please go to the office'' said the principle (My dad) threw the speakers ''Sorry class ill be right back'' said Mr.Lopez leaving the class. 


Taylor's P.O.V


Mr.Lopez left the class the principle needed him for something. Niall was sitting in-Front of me until her turned around and faced me. ''Taylor can we talk'' he said in a hurt tone ''there's nothing to talk about Niall'' i said putting my head on the desk ''Please love....Iam so sorry'' he told Alexis to move so he could sit next to me and well dumb Alexis moved and let him sit. Niall grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear ''You don't know how much it hurts me to see you like this i don't care if i known you for 5 days but iam inlove with you and all your little things but the problem is that we can't be together'' he let go of my hand and got up and left.

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