The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



3. Airport & London

It was a long drive to the airport but i didn't really mind at all. When we arrived i was so happy i got my bags and payed the guy and walked inside and went to the front desk to buy my ticket. ''Hello i would like to buy a ticket to London please'' i said to the lady behind the desk ''Sure here you go your flight leaves in 30 mins. and that will be $400 please''.WOAH to much money but its worth it.I payed the lady the money and went directly to the plane. The 30 mins. passed and the plane was staring YAY!. GOOD BYE DALLAS!. 

The flight was long and very boring i didn't really do nothing but get mad at a little kid behind me who was kicking my seat the whole time but then i fell asleep for who known's how long. I suddenly woke up to a person shaking me ''Ma'm wake up were here in London'' i suddenly woke up when i herd that we were here. ''WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!'' i ran and got my stuff and got out of the plane. When i got out i need to call my aunt i still remembered her number cause my dad always told me that if i leave the house to always carry her number. I quickly called it. ''Hello who is this?'' she said ''Aunt Sarah its me Taylor'' ''OH Taylor how are you and where are you?''she said all happy. ''Well you wont believe me but iam in London at the airport..'' ''OMG I NEED TO GO GET YOU YOUNG LADY JUST WAIT THERE'' she sounded kinda mad. A few minutes passed when i herd someone say my names a few times. I walked up to her ''aunt sarah?'' she looked at me shocked ''TAYLOR OH MY TAYLOR I FOUND YOU THANK GOD COME COME!'' she said grabing my hand and my bags pulling me into a small old fashion car. When we arrived to her house my mouth dropped open she had a huge house!. ''Welcome to your new home sweetheart'' she said getting out of the car so did i. 3 people came out running and grab my bags and went inside i guess they were the maids... ''Let me show you to your room'' she said grabbing my hand. We went upstairs to a beautiful huge pink room. ''WOW I LOVE IT'' i said dropping myself in the king size bed the covers were zebra. ''haha i knew you would love it and by the way you start school tomorrow i have your backpack over there'' she said pointing at the corner. ''And don't worry about clothes cause i went to forever 21 a few weeks ago and bought a lot of clothes for you i knew you were gonna come when you were 18'' she said clapping her hands. ''THANK YOU SO MUCH'' i said standing up and giving her a hug. ''Your welcome now go to bed you have a long day tomorrow Good night''she said while closing the door and leaving ''Night'' i unpacked my Pj's and jumped into bed.  

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