Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


7. You win some you lose some...

Nicole's POV

"Nicole" Simon said as he pointed to his office.

"Oh Boy" i said as i got up and followed Simon with Louis right behind me.

We walked into his office and i saw a pissed of Danielle sitting in a chair with Liam.

"Sit" Simon said

I sat down nervously, i don't know what's gonna happen to me.

"Now, i wanna know what the fuck happened out there! And i want the truth so Nicole tell the truth cuz we all know Danielle isn't" Simon said.

"Ok, Well at first we where doing the dances and Danielle starts yelling at me at am doing the dance wrong when am not! She was doing the moves all wrong".I said but Danielle cut me off.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" she yelled

"Danielle shut up" Simon said

"So i told her to shut up because the only person who has the moves wrong is her and to stop being a bitch. So she got mad that i called her a bitch and slapped me, then i pushed her and then she pushed me back then i slapped her, After that she tackled me then were on the floor punching and pulling and etc everything went so fast then next thing you know that Louis and Liam are pulling us apart." i said

"Is that all? " Simon said

"Yes sir" i said

"Danielle is this true?" Simon asked

Danielle put her head down knowing she could'nt lie herself out of this one

"Well..." Simon said as he played with his fingers.

"There's a punishment for one of you girls..." he said

I felt Louis' hands rubbing my shoulder blades,

"Danielle. Put up your stuff, You need to go home and calm yourself down, if you come back before 2 weeks worst things will come." Simon said

Danielle got up from her chair gave me a death glare and went to pick up her stuff with Liam.

"As for you Nicole, your punishment is to the dances for 8 to 10 hours." he said

"But Simon. thats alot of hours!..." i said surprised.

"Did you come here to dance? or did you come here to brag and whine?" he asked

"To dance sir." i said

"Then you will dance until i see you drop." he said

"Yes sir!" i said and  got up from my chair.

"Wait, don't leave yet Nicole, Louis sit down." he said. i sat back down and so did Louis.

"May i ask what is this?" Simon asked while he showed us a picture of Louis and I kissing in the parking lot this morning.

I tensed up, Louis never told management.

Louis grabbed my hand and said " That's me kissing my new girlfriend."

"Oh really!? You two are dating??!" Simon asked

"Yes we are" Louis said.

"What makes you think i approve this relationship?" he asked seriously

"Because i know you'll love us together and way down deep i know you love Nicole then all my girlfriends. and also am foolishy deeply in love with her." Louis said then kissed the back of my hand.

"Lou-" Simon said but got cut off by Louis

"I don't fucking care what you do. But am not leaving her"

"Louis you just got off a relationship with Eleanor like a month ago!" Simon said

"And??!! This is the time to show everyone that i moved on!!!!!" Louis yelled

"Ok then you guys, I'll approve your relationship. Fans on Twitter are already calling your relationship "Loucole" (thats name until i think of a better) I smiled.

"Nicole! Dance now! Louis go home, or something!" Simon said

"Bye handsome" i said as i got up from my chair and pecked him on the lips

"Bye beautiful" he said back and kissed me

"Oh! your gonna need this" he said as he handed me my phone

I looked at his confused

" I followed you on twitter, and so did the guys." he said

"Great" I smiled

"Nicole dance! Louis LEAVE!!!!" Simon yelled

I took my phone and ran to the dance room and danced for HOURS!!


.......HOURS LATER......

I started dancing a 2:00pm and right now it's 11:45, am tired, i need a break, am hungry. Simon hasn't given me one single break. I kept on dancing for like two more hours.

"Nicole,All finshed!

I dropped to the floor. "FINALLY!" i screamed

"You know Nicole your a much better dancer then Danielle, While i'll figure out what am gonna do with her your the lead dancer." he said

"REALLY??!!" i said and hugged him

"Nicole your very sweaty" he said

"Oh, Sorry..." i read backing off of him.

"Go home and get some rest, and be carefull driving back" he said

"Bye uncle si!" i said, i picked up my stuff and ran to the parking lot to my car.

On my way driving back to Louis' house i was so happy because for once i finally got something i've always wanted! in the car am singing my heart out.

Park my car in the driveway i take out my house keys an go inside, i drop everything in the hallway. and i started dancing crazy and yelling.

"Hey babe!" Louis said behind me a smirk

"HOLY SHIT! You scared me!" i yelled

He laughed

"What you so happy about love?" he asked

"Simon made me dance leader!!" i screamed

"That's amazing baby!" Louis said hugging me 

"Babe, no offense but you stink." he giggled

"Simon said the same thing" i said

I walked upstairs into Louis' and i's room we shared go out my pjs which were a tank top with Louis' boxers and went the bathroom and took a bath. I put my dirty clothes in the hamper a and found Louis sleeping on the bed, he looked so cute, like not like a my Louis i grabbed my phone and took a picture of him and posted on to Twitter and Instagram saying Doesn't he look like an angle sleeping?<3 Xx @Louis_Tomlinson.

"I hope that wasn't you taking a picture of me" he said sleepy 

" Course not babe" i smirked

"Are thoses my boxers? " he asked with one opened

"Yes, Why?" i asked

"Cuz your look amazing in them" he said

"Lou?" i said as i got in bed and under the covers with him 

"Yes Nik?" he asked worried looking into my eyes

"I love you" i smiled

"I love you too baby" he smiled and kissed me 

We broke the kiss, he pulled me closer to his warm body, i put my head on his chest, i felt him kiss my hair

"Goodnight baby" he said

"Goodnight babe" i said 

And after that we broke fell into a deep slumber..




Sorry i took so long to update! but i'll try my best to update as fast as i can!

SO! Dani got kinda fired, Nicole has Dani's job as the dance leader

Don't you guys just think Louis and Nicole are just adorable!!

Please comment what you think of the story so far! Thanks! Xxx :) 

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