Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


3. The Unexpected Kickout


Nicole's POV

Are they kicking me out because i sighed the contract!!??

"Nicole , we need to talk " My dad said

"Nicole, you know how you want a car?" my mom said

"Well you need to pick or the car or your house" Danielle said

My eyes got big 

"WHAT!!" i yelled 

"If you pick house you have to leave your job with Simon and no more dancing" my dad 

"THATS NOT FAIR!!!!" I yelled 

"Well you gotta pick" Danielle said with an evil smirk

"Fine then i pick car!, i've had enough of all of you!!! " i said

There eyes got big , they thought i was gonna pick house!

"Fine then here! " Danielle said throwing me the keys

"You have 15 minuntes to get out of my house!" my mom said 

"HAPPY TO !! " i yelled

Good thing they packed my things for me , All i had to do is find the car and put everything in it

I went to the garage and i pressed unlock . I saw the car. 

Its a red Mini Cooper. For a first car its a great car. 

I put the boxes in the car and drove starbucks since i really was in the mood for coffee

C= Cashier N= Nicole

C= Hello, Welcome to Starbucks what can i get ya?

N= Hi, can i have a tall mocha cookie crumble.

C= Whipped cream or no whipped cream?

N= whipped cream please

C= Name please?

N= Nicole 

C= That will be $3.50 (I dont know in euros!!)

While waiting for my coffee my black IPhone 5 started ringing the caller ID said :

Louis "The Sexy" Tomlinson

i pressed answer

L= Louis N=Nicole

N= Hello?

L= Hey Nik

N= Whats up!?

L= Nothing much, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out or something

N= I would love to , but i can't i have to find a hotel 

L= Why do you need to stay in a hotel?

N= My parents kicked me out cuz i took the job with Simon.

L= i cant believe it

N= well believe it cuz it happend

L= i got an idea , come live with me and the boys.

N= Lou, i cant let you guys do this.

L=  Well i want to and they just sleep here sometimes and theres a lot of rooms 

N= Are you sure?

L= Very! now come over

N= ok ! do you want anything from starbucks?

L= no but thank you love , ill send you the address

N= ok bye!

L= bye !


The cashier called my name for my coffee, i drank it fast Louis texted me the address , walked out of starbucks got in my car and made my way to Louis' house 

.....SKIP CAR RIDE................................................

When i got to Louis' house my car in the driveway , i saw Danielle's car but maybe one of the boys have the same car. I took out my phone and texted Louis 

N= Hey am outside

L=Great ! be right out! X

seconds later ..

Louis came out look great! Jeans , his black The Killers shirt , black vans with a gray beanie.

I got out of the car and he hugged me i got tons of butterflies in my stomach, i was falling for  him and hard.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you " i said

"No problem love!, lets get your stuff" he said

i open the back door and we carried all my stuff. We left the bags and boxes in the hallway and went to the livingroom, Louis grabbed my hand , i blushed, i saw him smirk

When we got the the living room i was surprised .

Sitting on the couch talking with four other boys was...



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