Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


10. The so called "Bestie"

Nicole's POV

"I need you and Louis to break up" ringed in my ears for what seemed years. I really could'nt believe that he wanted me to break up with Louis so many questions in head but none could be answered i have a thousand things to say but nothing came out of my open mouth, i could feel tears starting to sting my eyes "Why?" i managed to get out i look directly into his boring green eyes they kinda reminded me off Harry's but his were more viberant and hipnotizing "Because! he's like brain washing you Nik! He made you forget about my concert! You never forget anything that has to do with your best friends" he whisper/yelled "Just because i forgot to go to your dumb concert does'nt mean anything!!" i said and wave my hands in the air virgosily "What the hell is he turning you to?!? He gritted threw his teeth as he grabbed my wrist tightly "Nathan let go of me" i looked into his eyes you could see a mix of anger and sadness in his eyes "Nathan, let go your hurting me!" i said tears started forming in my eyes but it seemed like he could'nt hear me like he was in a different but his grip was get tighter until i could'nt handle it anymore "LET GO OF ME!" I screamed as i got up from my chair and tugged my arm as hard as i could with that he magically came back to Earth "Nic-ccole am sorry i didnt-" "Take me home Nathan" i said without looking him in eyes "No, not until we talked this out" he crossed his arms "Fine, ill get a cab then" i quickly grabbed my bag and walked out of the cafe, tears started bluring my vision until i could'nt hold them back anymore i looked at my wrist. bruises where forming, i stopped a random cab, got in it and told him to drive to my destanation. When i arrived to flat i payed the taxi driver and thanked him, I looked up to the flat, the light were still on, I sighed and walked up to the door, i opened the door and make my inside i hear voices, i guess the boys and Perrie are still here, I close the door behind me i hear the voices stop, i begin to take off my shoes i hear foot steps coming closer, tears still were streaming down my cheeks "Nicole?" i heard a familiar voice, that sweet familiar voice. Louis. I looked up to him, worried filled his eyes as he saw my bloodshot eyes "Whats wrong?" he asked as he hurried over to me "Nothing am fine" i muttered and avoided to make eye contact with him, i started walking to the living room "Nicole stop!" I heard Louis behind me, ignored him and continued to walk "Nicole stop! Why are you being this!?" screamed as he grabbed my bruised wrist, i winced in pain with made turn around and look at him in the eyes, Louis looked down at my now blue/purple wrist "Who-o did that to you?" he asked as he traced the multiple bruises but i did'nt answer "Did Nathan do this to you?" he looked me in the eyes i could see anger and worry in his eyes i looked down a my feet "Nicole-" "yes, yes did" i muttered as started to cry "He's gonna be dead" he said as he made his way to the door "NO!! " i screamed as i pulled him into a giant hug and started to cry hard into his chest "No, please dont get yourself into trouble, jus-st stay here. With me" i cried i felt his body soften when i said that "shh, am not going anywhere" he whispered as he hugged me tighter "Come on lets go to bed" he mumbled into my hair and he kissed my temple, 


It's currently 7:15am and i can't sleep i've only slept like 3 or 4 hours, i've stayed in the same position for hours thinking about everything Nathan said to me

"I need you and Louis to break up."

"He's brain washing you"

I get lost in my thoughts until my phone's vibration brings back to reality. I unplug the charger from my phone and pick up from the nightstand. I look a my phone a numerous of text messages

Nathan: Nicole, am sorry. Please just text me back. I need to know your at least ok.

Perrie: hey Nikki, where you go, louis looks worried, everything ok??

Loubear: babe please come back. I don't trust Nathan with you. If something seriously happens to you, I'll punch shit of him. I love you xx

I locked my phone and put it back on the nightstand and I look at Louis, who is peacefully sleeping beside me, I start playing with his hair and just loss the track of time and it was already 7:55 am, i decided to get up from bed and make breakfast, brushed my teeth and headed downstairs. While going down the stairs i got a text :

Uncle Simon: Rehearsals for the boys and dancers today from 9am to 1pm DON'T BE LATE!!

Shit. Am suppose to show Simon my new dances today.  Don't be nervous Nicole, your a natural that this..right?

I started making breakfest for me then after i finshed i started making Louis some. Eggs, bacon and toast with a cup of tea. I carefully take it upstairs and put it on the nightstand. I walk over to Louis' side of the bed 

"Lou, wake up"

"Lou, wake upp, i made you breakfast"

Then i got an idea

I leaned down and pecked his lips then two strong arms grabbed my waist pulling me to the bed 

"If only i could woken up like that everyday" Louis smirked 

"Morning babe" i smiled 

"Morning beautiful"

"I made you breakfast" 

"Thats lovely" He smiled

I hand him the tray of food and we sit there just eating and talking about silliness, until Louis grabs my wrist , i flinched from the pain that the bruises had brung. Louis looked at the bruises with a hurt look in his eyes, his takes my wrist kisses all my bruises "He will pay for hurting you" he whispered 

"Lou, just let it be" I sighed 

I looked at the time on my phone 8:20am. Shit.

"Umm, Lou hate to say this but have rehearsals at 9 and we can be late" i said as we both ran to the bathroom and into the shower.

After my shower i on some sweats iand tanktop with my beat up converse and put my hair in a bun. Louis and I raced to the garage into the car and then we were on our way to the studio.

We got the studio 10 minutes before 9am we walked into the buliding hand in hand, then we went to the little room where we all meet up

"And the love birds have arrive!" Harry yells

When i walked i saw Perrie and 3 other girls 

"Perrie! What are you doing here?" I asked 

"Am here to see your moves Peazer!" she exclaimed

"Oh, these are my band mates, Jade , Jesy, and Leigh-anne" 

"Very nice to you girls" as they all hugged me

Right there, Simon walked in 

"Hello to all of you, first, boys your gonna rehearsal so Nicole can warm up then Nicole you show me the new dances? Got it? "

"Got it" we all replied 

I went to the studio where the dancers would warm up and practice for 2 hours then came Simon 

"Ready Nicole?" he asked 

"Ready Si"i replied 

The music started and then it just took over my body from then

After 3 almost 4 hours I was done with all the dances 

"That was amazing Nicole" Simon said

"Thanks Si" 

Then Perrie came and tackled me"Nicole that was amazing!!" She exclaimed 

"Thanks Per!" i smiled 

Then someone pulled me by my wrist (not one with the bruises on it) I turned to see Louis, 

"You were amazing out there" he smiled

"Thank boo" I smiled 

He leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips then it turned it into a kiss 

"Nicole?" a voice behind me called

I pulled away from Louis and turned around see Nathan

"Nathan?" I asked 

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Louis's voice boomed 

"I came to talk to Nicole" Nathan stated

"That's what you said last night and you hurt her so fuck off" Louis said getting in Nathan's face

"Not until i talk to her" Nathan said walking away from Louis and now towards me 

"Stay away from her" Louis warned 

"You don't tell me what to do, what are you gonna do? hit me?" Nathan said loudly

And in a blink of a eye Louis grabbed Nathan shoulder,turned him around and punched him right in the face.

Then bam. Nathan was laying on the ground bleeding from his nose with his eyes close.

"Oh my gosh" was all i could say...



Sorry guys, i know i did terriable but i just wanted to update quickly so you would'nt be hanging. What do you think happened to Nathan! (one more week of school! yayyy!) Stay beautiful my cupcakes! - Nicole




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