Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


8. New Bff and Old Bff drama.

Louis' POV

I wake up searching for Nicole's warmth,but fail to find it, i open one eye and look at her side of the bed. Empty. My eyes open wide, am completely wide awake, i quickly throw the blankets off and fly off the bed, i look in the bathroom, in the closet, i hear our song Kiss You playing downstairs, "What the hell?" i wispered to myself, I opened my door and took my baseball bat before running downstairs, i run downstairs  with my baseball bat in hand and follow the sound of "Kiss You" i get to the living room and find Nicole dancing, i drop my bat and run to Nicole, and i hug her from behind "You scared the-" she said before i cut her off, "No you scare the shit out of me when you were'nt in bed when i woke up! " i said and pecked her on the lips, "Sorry Lou" she frown "it's ok babe, anyways why were you dancing to Kiss you?" i asked "Danielle's verision is boring so am planing to making it better and bigger" she smirked "I have to two weeks to impress Simon with something big, so he doesnt make Danielle leader again" she  said quietly "Did he say that to you?" i asked in her shocked "No but am determined to keep this spot" i said as i looked in his eyes, "Don't worry love, Your so much better then Danielle" i smiled "Thank you boobear" i smiled as i hugged him, "How about we do something today?" i asked " Like what boo?" she giggled "Let's just have a fun day, we can play a little football ( Soccer)  a little bonfire, and have pizza!" i  suggested "doesnt that seem alot just for us?" she said "Well since you don't know the boys yet completely, i can invite them over" i  said "Awesome" she  said "We should both start to get ready" i said, "How about you take a shower in your room, and ill take a shower in my old room" she said "Well..We could." i smirked but Nicole cut me off "Not today boobear" she giggled "Fine" i said I pecked her on the lips and we both went upstairs and showered

Nicole's POV

I feel like today i had something planned but i really can't remember. I went into the room Louis and i shared , i heard the shower running that means Louis is already showering, i go to my into my closet and pick out a nice, comfortable outfit since were going gonna play football (Soccer)  and make a bonfire and etc, i picked out jean shorts, a white t-shirt with black sleeves and gray Vans with black in the front and red in the back and i take out Louis' black beanie, i take my clothes and etc to my room, i lay them out of the bed and then hop in the shower.


I got out the shower, get dressed, i decided to leave my hair wavy, i put my beanie on and head downstairs . Once am downstairs i hear Louis call out " Hey babe you read-" he said before he cut himself off when he saw what i was wearing, we were wearing the same shirt, he was wearing longer shorts( up to his knees) and he was wearing black vans. "Oh my gosh" i laughing looking at our outfits, Louis and i were almost matching, "This is hilarious" he laughed "Wait we take a picture and posted on Instagram" he added . He took his phone out , we got infront of the mirror, he puts his hand around my waist and i did the same and we both smiled "Done" he giggled  "Babe what's your Instagram?" he asked "Um..NikkiPeazer" i said back " i followed you baby" "Omg Louis Tomlinson followed me on Instagram!!" i laughed ,he laughed i pecked him the lips, we both sat on couch checking our phones, i had tons on mentions on twitter but only one caught my eye. 

@Louis_Tomlinson : Everyone please follow my amazingly beautiful and talneted girlfriend @Nicole_Peazer. Please no hate Xx

I retweeted it. Then i got another mention

@Louis_Tomlinson :Everyone follow Nicole on Instagram! Her name is "NikkiPeazer"

I decided to tweet back

@Nicole_Peazer : Thank you @Louis_Tomlinson for all the mentions! I love u boobear! Xx

"Hey Nik?"

"Yea Lou?"

"Wanna watch TV? 

"Sure Lou!" 

"Oh by the way the boys are on there way!" he said 

"awesome!" i smiled

We sat there watching Spongebob on the couch 

My phone starting ringing , i see Nathan is calling me 

Me: Nicole N: Nathan

Me: Hey Nathan!

N: Hey Nik! 

Me: What's up? How are u?

N: Am good, am finally back in London!

Me: Thats great Nath!

N: Are you going to the concert tonight?

Me: Shit! I can't me and Louis have plans

N: Nik, we planned this before i left for tour!

Me:I know! Am sorry!!

N: Fine, i'll just pass by tonight so we can talk 

Me: Nath, Am sorry..

N: Save it Nicole. 

End of convo

"UGHHHH!" I groan as he ended the call before i could say anything

"What's wrong?" Louis asked

" I was supposed to go see Nathan at his concert tonight" i as i put my elbows on my knees and cover my face with my hands

"He'll come around babe don't worry about" he said rubbing my back

"He's pissed off" i sigh 

*Ding Dong* 

"The boys are here" i said getting up from the couch and breathing in deeply

"Hey," Louis said grabbing my wrist lightly 

i look at him in the eyes

"Are you sure your ok?" he asked 

"Am fine Lou" i said and pecked his lips

"Stay here, am gonna go open the door" he said 

I hear Louis open the door, i hear them greet each other.

"Where is she?" i hear one of them ask

"She in the livingroom" i hear Louis say 

I hear them coming my way

"Hey nik, the boys are here" i said 

I got up from the couch, and went over to Louis.

"Hi guys" i said 

"Hello!" they all said to together 

"Am Nicole" i smiled

"Am Niall" 




"How's Danielle?" i ask Liam

"Pissed off as ever" he giggled

"I really don't know how you stand her" i said to him 

He just laughed

We all just sat in the living room getting you know each other better,

"Hey, i was told this morning that we were gonna play football" i joked looking a Louis

"Oh babe, we are just late plus i bet you can't even play" he smirked

"Is that a bet Tomlinson?" i smirked 

"You know what it is! Who ever wins make the other person do what ever they want for a week" Louis said with a devilish smirk

"Fine, But Liam,Niall are on my team" i stated 


Louis got the ball and set up the goals.

When all were outside warming up for the game because from the looks of it this wasnt going to be an easy game.

"Hey look Perrie is here!!" Zayn said

I was told that Perrie was Zayn's girlfriend, 

"Great! she can keep score!" Louis exclaimed

"Hi, Am Nicole" i said as i walked over to Perrie and smiled

"Am Perrie, So your the little dancer that swipt our Louis of his feet" she giggled 

"I guess i am!" i laughed

"Yo! Loser get over here so i can win already!"  He yelled

"I gotta go beat his butt" i giggled

"Clam your tits Tommodork!" i yelled back 

We all got in our spots, Liam Goalie and Niall as my backup and on Louis' team he had Harry has goalie and Zayn as backup , this gonna be easy 

I look at my team, and smirked, i think Liam caught on with my plan, Louis had no idea what he is in for 

"Ready? Set? Go!" Perrie exclaimed

Louis tripped me and started running with the ball.

"IT'S ON TOMLINSON!" i yelled as i got up from the ground and sprinted as fast as i can to Louis.

"Holy Shit" i heard Zayn yelled when he saw me run

i just giggled

I caught up to Louis, i slid on the ground making Louis trip over me and me running with Niall to Harry to make a goal. 

I sprinted i fast i could and kicked the ball i hard as i could, GOAL!

Louis came over to me " You play football don't u you?" he asked as he pushed away some hair from his face "Yes, Yes i do" i smirked "Well then, Shits' about to get real then" he smirked

After we play for another hour it was a tied game. 9 to 9

"Come on Nikki!!"  Perrie cheered 

Clearly seeing me tired, Louis and i were super competitive, right now Niall is goalie and Liam is backup and Louis team also did switch.

"Perrie!!!" Zayn yelled clearly upset that his girlfriend wasn't cheering him.

I stayed with Niall at the goal, i was tired, But this was also the tie breaker, i saw Liam struggling with Louis, he had tripped Liam and started running to our goal. "Oh hell no" i whispered Niall heard me and laugh "Go get'em Nik!" he said I started running to Louis, i knew everyone was watching us, we were both so determined to win. I was getting closer and closer to Louis and the ball, i did'nt know what to do , i did the first thing that popped into my mind  "SILDE!" I slid between the middle of Louis' leg stealing the bag right not him, i quickly get up and sprint to Zayn who was checking himself out with the camera of his phone,i heard cheering ,i look back and Louis is running as fast i he can "Too late" i whisper , i see Zayn realize that i about to win and but his phone back in his pocket, I kick the ball, hard, i see that is goes threw and i just fall to the ground. "Alright Peazer!!" Liam said as he handed out his hand to pull me up, i took his hand and got up , i see Louis laying on the ground trying to breath , i giggled "What's wrong Tommodork? Can't believe you got beat by a girl?" i laughed i walked over to him and pulled him up, kissed him, "Good game baby" i smiled he smiled "And remember, you have to do what i say for a week" i giggled and kissed his cheek 

Liam and Harry were setting a bonfire, and Niall and Zayn went to get some drinks

"You my friend, are quite a football player" Perrie said

"Ha, thanks i used to play until i was 15" i said

"So, your Danielle's little sister?" Perrie asked taking a sip out of her drink

"Sadly, yes" i said 

"Why are you saying that?" Perrie asked

I took a gulp of my lemonade and told Perrie the whole Danielle story

"Wow! but she looks like a saint!!" Perrie said

"Yup! she does that so i look like the bad one.

We sat outside for like 2 more hours until it was time to turn off the fire and we went inside ordered some pizza , soon the pizza got here and started watching a movie, We started watching Tyler Perry, Madea's Family Reunion , i cuddled next to Louis, soon all of us were laughing ours butts off!

DING DONG! the doorbell went off, 

I looked at Louis , he shrugged 

"I got it" i said as i got up from the couch and went the the door.

I open the door and i see the person who least wanted to talk to me.


A pissed off Nathan.


Am sorry my cupcakes!! :( October has been a very hard month for me!!

Oh no, Nathan came to see Nicole.. i wonder what's gonna happened now..Remember Nicole did blow off Nathan for Louis. OH AND BEFORE I FORGET NICOLE'S BEST FRIEND ELEANOR AND LOUIS'S EX GIRLFRIEND ELEANOR ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE! AM SORRY IF I CONFUSED U! 


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