Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


6. Love with a couple punches....and a little bit a trouble on the first day

Louis' POV

I woke up next to the most beautiful girl. Nicole. Something about her made me fall head over heels for her, i dont know if it was her perfect brown curly chestnut hair, or her bright hazel eyes, or that smile with those amazing dimples i don't know that she did but i completely fell for her..she made me completely forget Eleanor, i have to make her mine before one of the other lads fall for her. I've decided to make her breakfest Waffles,eggs and bacon, i carefully got out of bed without ,brushed my teeth and when downstairs and started cooking

**************************************Skip Cooking***********************************************

i took out a little index card folded it in half on the outside i wrote READ ME and in the inside i wrote Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"Xxx . i grab a rose and also put it on the tray.I went upstairs and into my bedroom and Nicole still peacefully sleeping, she looks like an angle i put the tray on the bed and grabbed my iphone from the nightstand and took a picture like my good friend hazza says "Take a picture it'll last longer" i put my iphone back on the nightstand and started waking up Nicole by kisses. First on her forehead,then her nose , then cheek, then lastly her lips. Her beatiful bright hazel eyes fluttered open

"Morning beautiful" i smiled

"Morning!" she said

"Wait! did i sleep with u?!?"she asked confused

"Yep!" i said

"Why!?!?" she asked frustated

"You fell asleep on the couch last and i didnt want you to sleep alone so i layed you down here!" i said

"Ok ok, am sorry!" she said

" I made you breakfest " i smiled

"Aw! Thanks i shouldnt have freaked out on you" she said

She took a bite out of the waffles

"This is really good!!" she said 

"Thanks!" i said

"Whats this?" she asked as she saw the note that says READ ME

"Read it" i smirk

Nicole's POV

Louis made me breakfest how sweet! I saw a note that said READ ME i asked him what was it and he just said READ ME. I open the note and read what was written: 

Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?Xx

I smiled and closed the note and look a Louis

"So will you?"

"Of Course! But dont you think its a little too soon?" i said smiling widely

"Dont worry , we'll take it slow" he smiled

"And what about Danielle?" i asked

"I dont care what Danielle says or thinks!, anyways Danielle's Liam's problem!!" he sassed

"Someone woke up sassy! " i giggled

"So not true!" he protested

"I have to get ready! i have to work and so do you!!!" i said while getting up from the bed 

i went to my room and took a shower,brushed my teeth and change into this i put my hair in a messy bun , i took my phone and headphones and went downstairs. I found a showered and dressed Louis sitting on the couch.

"Ready ?" he asked

"Yeah,but should'nt we leave in our own cars so the paps dont suspect anything?" i asked

"I really dont care, sooner or later there gonna know that am dating the most beautiful and talented dancer in the world" he smiled

i smiled, "Let's just go in our cars and will meet a the studio, Ok?" i said

"Ok. I'll see you there beautiful!" he said as he kissed me on my lips.

I got in my car and started driving to the studio, While driving i started thinking what will Danielle do to me? Simon did say she was gonna teach me all the moves... Will she go hard on me or will she go a little easy on me?

*****************************************Skip Drive**************************************************

I got to the studio,i parked my car in the parkinglot at the same time the other boys that the boys arrived, Louis came over to me and gave me a hugged he wispered in my ear "Don't give up even if Danielle makes it hard on you" he gave me a warm smile , i smiled back , he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me,i could hear the boys cheering and yelling "Yeah Lou!!" i giggled "Trust  me soon they'll be your best friends" he said i smiled "I should get going.." i said "Ok i'll see you inside" he said i pecked him on the lips and left . 

When i walked in Simon was talking to another girl, when he finshed , he saw me "Nicole! finally your here! Follow me" he said i followed him to the room where we were suposed to practice, just wait a few minutes Danielle isnt here yet there was a group of girls which i believe are the dancers

"Girls! This is the new dancer i told u about her name is Nicole! i gotta go now!" he said and left 

Knowing Danielle she would be here any minute. 

"Sorry guys am late! i had to stop somewhere" she said

"Nicole i teach you the dance when am finsh with girls" she said 

I sat on the floor and looked that the steps , They did 6 songs, the steps were extremely easy

After 2 hours ************************************************************************************************

"Ok girls thats a wrap! Nicole up here NOW!"

I quickly got up from the floor and walked over to her, 

"Listen brat, Am only doing this because its my job" she said 

"One Question... Why brat?" i asked

"Cuz you are one" she sighed

We started dancing..... 

********6 hours later***********

"Your doing it wrong!, its like this!!" she yelled for my 53th time.

"You know what! i dont understand what am doing wrong, beacause clearly am doing the dances better you!! So stop being a bitch and realize that its you thats doing the dance wrong and not me!!" i yelled at her

"What did you just call me?" she asked furious

"A bitch." i smirked

i felt hit my cheek... she had slapped me 

"Maybe that will wipe the smirk off your face" she smiled

Everything went so fast first i pushed her then she pushed me back then the next thing i know is that i slapped her then she tackled me to the ground. We started hitting and rolling all over the ground. 

"SIMON DANIELLE AND NICOLE ARE FIGHTING!!" i heard one of the girls yell

Danielle and i didnt care if Simon came, the fight became really intensed 

"Girls stop ! Girls Stop it !"Simon said

But it was no use, Danielle has punching me all over and so was i ,

"Danielle! stop it !!" i heard another boy yelled which i think is Liam.

"Nicole!! stop!" i heard Louis yell

I started feeling dizzy, i've been bleeding from my nose,my lip, and a little bit from my head.

I feel someone pulling away from Danielle and someone pulling her away from me

I look up and see and worried Louis pulling me. I was done with Danielle, i admit she beat the shit out of me but right now the only person who looks worst then me is Danielle . Shes still trying to get out of Liam grip to punch me a couple more times. 

Louis sat me down and got a damp wash cloth and started cleaning up my cuts 

"You sure know how to take a punch love" he smiled, i giggled

"Heres some ice from your eye" Zayn said as he handed my an icepack

"Thanks" i said as i put it on my eye

"Nicole" Simon called as he point to his office

"Oh Boy" i said and got up and made my way to Simon's office with Louis right behind me.




Am so about the late update but i was on a huge writers block but anyways am finally on summer break!!! 

AWW! Louis and Nicole are dating!! What should we call them!? I personaly think Licole is good but if you guys think of some better names just comment them below!! Nicole's dance outfit also with be in the comments! :D Let's try to get more likes and views!! 


 Thanks! Xxx :)




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