Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


5. Fight,Skype,Dinner and Paparazzi on top.. Part 2


Nicole's POV

I woke up to two amazing aqua blue eyes, it was Louis, i swear that am falling for him and hard...

Now he invited me to dinner how sweet!! 

I got up from my bed and went the bathroom, i brushed my teeth, took a shower and changed into my white Ramones, black skinny jeans and my red hightops, and i left my hair naturally curly and put my red beanie on, i grabbed my black iphone5 that has my pink Vans case on it and went downstairs.

I found Louis sitting on the couch texting away on his phone . he was wearing a black jeans , white tee shirt a jean jacket and black converse.

"Ready to go?" he asked


We went to his and started driving...

Louis turned on the radio on and Take me home was playing and Kiss you came on , Louis and I danced like idiots when we parked the song finshed

"And let me kiss you!" Louis kissed my cheek as the song ended. I blushed. We got out of the car and instanly Louis grabbed my hand and my face went from baby pink to crimson red

In a blink of an eye paparazzi crowded us , Louis quickly wrapped his arm tighted around my waist, i put my head down and louis tried guiding us out of the screaming crowd of paps, Louis pushed and pushed out of the crowd but it was getting bigger by the second . I was scared this has never happened to me

"Louis are you dating the new dancer!!!!!?" They yelled/asked

"Louis are you and Nicole dating!!!!!?"

Wait how do they know my name so fast!

"Nicole Nicole Nicole!!! they yelled but i ignored them just like Louis did

"Nicole since when are you and Louis are dating?!!?" one of them asked over and over again 

Until a very large man very pulled me away from Louis "Louis!!" i yelled

"Listen you bitch! your gonna answer my question rather you like it or not! " the cameraman said harshly He had a strong grip on my wrist and the pain was getting stronger the second

"Let go! your hurting me!!" i cried his grip got stronger

"Louis!!!!" i screamed in pain

"Shut it princess! " he said as he gripped my hand harder , i could see it  was turning a dark shade of purple.

"Please stop!" i beg

"Louis!!!" i screamed

"LET GO OF HER!!" i heard someone yell

i looked back and it was....Louis

Once he saw the tears on my cheek and the camera dude trying to murder my hand and he got furious and punched the guy in the face making the camera dude let my hand and fall back . Louis quickly carried me bridal style in Nandos

 "Am so sorry about what happened , i didnt know that were here" he said 

"I know you didnt , its not your fault" i said 

"Hows your hand?" he asked while carefully brushing it with his thumb

"Hurts like crazy" i said 

"How you face? " i asked 

"Hurts a little but not too much" he said 

I smiled weakly 

"let's go eat, i get hungry after i hit the shit out of paparazzi " he joked

i laughed

Hi Welcome to Nandos ! the waiter said 

"Table for two" Louis said 

"Booth or table?"

"Booth please" he said 

we went to our booth and ordered.

SKIP NANDO'S....................

We got home it's 10:00.  I went upstairs and took a shower so i could all the dirt off from the paps, i changed into shorts and tanktop and went downstair i decided to take the stairs .i stopped at the end when i heard Louis on the phone

L= Louis

L- Paul i understand but they ripped her out of my grip!

L- Yeah! they almost broke her hand !!

L- Paul it wasnt a date!!

L- I wasnt just gonna let her be pulled away from me!

L- Eleanor cheated Paul!! i need to move on!!! understand that! ( A/N i do not hate El i love her to bites!)

L- Paul i need you to understand i dont like her,i just let her move in with me !!!

L- i didnt know that was gonna happen Paul!! just drop it ! i need to go 

End of Conversation............

I didnt know i was crying until i got to the very last step and a tear fell in my cheek

He doesnt even like me ....He just feels bad for me 

Louis turned around and saw me crying

No,no,no,no...please dont tell me you heard that please" he said , his eyes started getting watery 

"I heard it all" i said tears started to sting my eyes

"Its not what it looks like " he said walking to me

"Louis i dont want you pity!..." i said 

"Nicole look at me"

"No Louis"

"Just look at me !" he said rasing his voice as he grabbed me by cupping my cheeks in his hands

"Its true , i dont like you, i dont like you because am in love with you.." he said 

he smashed his lips on mine , it wasnt a rough kiss, it was a sweet delicate one 

"You dont know how long i've been to do that"he said

"i really love you Nicole" he added

"I love you too Lou" i said 

he smiled and pecked my lips my lips and carried me bridal styles 

"Lou put me down!!" i said 

"Ok!!" he said and dropped me on the couch and started tickling me 

"Stop it ! stop it Lou!! " i laughed

after a couple seconds he stopped and we cuddled on the couch while watching one of my favorite movies The Last Song

My eyes started to droop , i cuddled myself into Louis' chest i felt him tighted his arms around me and kiss my hair 

The last thing i heard was ..I love you Nicole and then i fell into a deep slumber....





Hello Cupcakes!! What do you think about Louis and Nicole being all lovey and stuff , Will Louis asked Nicole to be his girlfriend or most important What will management say about the paparazzi accident .... :O Interesting right ? :)

Goodnight Cupcakes! Xxx :)



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