Little Peazer

Being the little sister of Danielle Peazer isn't always easy, for Nicole, Danielle has always had all the attention. Her parents think that she should be more like Danielle.
Danielle is a dancer for the boyband One Direction, But what happens when Simon needs an extra dancer for the band...?
Will Nicole take the chance or will she let her sister ruin it for her?...


4. Fight,Skype,Dinner and Paparazzi on top.. Part 1

Nicole's Pov


I thought i could get rid of her but lord was i wrong...

That awkward moment when you walk in to your crush's living room hand in hand and you see your older sister that hates your guts right in front of you.

When i saw her i got scared ...she could take the little i had left...

"What is she doing here!!!???" Danielle yelled

"She's living with me now" Louis said (There staying in Louis's house)

"Louis don't you get it !! shes taking all my family from me !!! I thought we were friends!! "She yelled

"What do you mean am taking all your family from you?!" i asked

"Because of you mom and dad kicked me out of the house! " i said 

"I've had to struggle to get every DAMN thing in my life!!! While you get everything fucking handed!! " i yelled with tears

"You made my life impossibe! In highschool you didnt like that i was two years advenced then you so you made up a rumor saying that i got pregnant at 15!!! i yelled 

"You know that my dream is to become a professional dancer ! and every single time you take my chances away!! ive supported you in everything since we little ! mom , dad and you never supported me in any way!! I never got the love i needed when i needed the most!! " i said crying

"Have you ever had the feeling that everything important youve had has been from you and your heart?!!? " i asked her

"Have you Danielle!!!!?? Have you!!??"

She looked at the ground and said "No , i havent "

"I thought so , its always Dani this! Danielle that! and Nicole nothing!! Everytime mom or dad picks you i feel like a piece of shit!" i said 

"Nicole i didnt know you felt like this " she said

"Of course no! you never know cuz your too busy pushing me around and being perfect! " i said wiping a tear of my right cheek

"Nicole am sorry" she said

"Save it. i know you dont really mean it." i said 

"Both of you girls enough! " Louis said 

with that Danielle and the boys left , Louis and I sat on the couch and started watching spongebob til i started fall asleep.....

Louis' Pov

After the fight Nicole and Danielle had Nicole had fallen asleep on the couch

I decided to be helpful unpack her bags and boxes for her, i unpacked everything minus her undergarments, i didnt want her to think that i unpacked her stuff just to see her underwear or something!

I went downstairs and turned on the tv and watched some football (soccer) i saw Nicole's phone lit up she had a message from a guy named Nathan. I looked at the whole name and it said Nathan "The amazing BFF" Sykes

The text said : Are we still skyping tonight love? Xxx :)

I can't believe Nicole's best friend is Nathan Sykes from The Wanted!, Me and Zayn have gotten into some fight with them, i really like Nicole and i won't let The Wanted get in the way.. 

Her phone lit up again this time it said Eleanor "The lovely BFF" Calder it said "Hey gurly ! i am sorry to say but i won't be able to come home tomorrow :( Hollister needs me to model for a couple days ...maybe weeks.. :( love ya!

I guess Nathan , Eleanor and Nicole are friends ... and also by her back ground the three of them making silly faces.. 

I wasnt gonna let The Wanted in the middle of me and Nicole ....I REALLY LIKE HER

i ignored all the messages ...for now

AN HOUR LATER.................................

Nicole POV

I woke up on couch , i saw that Louis was on the other still watching football (soccer) , i got up and stretched 

"It's about time you got up sleeping beauty!" he smiled

I laughed

"I organized your stuff minus your undergarmets" he said 

"Aw! thanks Lou! hey wheres my room and the bathroom? i asked

"third floor , first door on the right and theres a bathroom in your room too" he said

I look the elevator up to the thrid floor , i really didnt know he had such a huge house... i got out of the elevator and made my way to the first door on the right , i opened the door and saw a lovely room

Light purple walls, a king size bed the comforter was a really light violet and white , a white desk with all my electronics on it 

i took my undergarmets out of the box and put them in one of the drawers

 I took out a pair of underwear , PINK pink sweatpants, a black tank top and my purple Jack Wills hoodie. Nathan got it for me before he left 4 months ago, He got me a purple one , Eleanor a pink one and he has a baby blue one . Man i miss my bestfriends!!...

I took off my contract lends ...yes i use contract and glasses 

and i took a shower 

*SKIP SHOWER*......................

I walked out the shower and put my clothes on , i left my hair to air dry 

I went downstairs and sat next to Louis and watched the game , i love sports i used to play volleyball and football, i saw my phone on table i took it and turned it on . I had a bunch of messages ,but there was one that got my eye...Nathan sent it , it said:

Hey love! We still skyping today?Xxx :)


i forgot that me and Nathan we suppose to skype today!

"Shit!!!" i yelled as i ran to my room to get my Macbook air and my glasses. i ran back downstairs

"Hey lou whats the wifi and whats the password " i asked

he gave me the password, i logged into skype and saw that Nathan was online, i clicked on his name and called him

seconds later i see Nathan's face pop on my screen

NS= Nathan Sykes NP= Nicole Peazer

NP- Nath!!! i yelled 

NS- Hey Nik, Where are u , that doesnt look like your house.. 

NP-Mom and dad kicked me out..

NS=What really!!??


NS- what did you do?

NP- I took a job as a dancer for a boyband

NS- which one?

NP- One Direction

he stayed silent

NP- Nath , i know you guys dont get along but

he cut me off

NS- No Nikki, its alright , this has always been a dream of yours congrats!!

NS-"Wait if you got kicked out , where are you staying?

NP- Louis said i could live with him

NS- Tour is done in two days , we'll talk when i get back" 

NP- Oi mate! we have to go!! i heard Max yell at Nathan. Coming!! Nathan yelled

NP- go, you need to 

NS- Fine, Take care please Nik!

NP- Will do Sykes!! 

NS- Bye love

NP- Bye Nath!!

End of Skype

I can't believe your friend with that idiot" Louis said 

"I really don't really care what you say about him , he's bestfriend since kindergarden, so please do me a favor and don't piss me by talking shit about my friends" i said i took my macbook and my phone and went to my room

I put my macbook on the desk and take my headphones my phone viberated telling me i had a message . It was a unknown number. 

Hello Nicole. its Simon just to tell you that you start tomorrow be here no later then 8:30 am .See ya tomorrow ! X Simon.

i saved his number as Uncle Si.

i plugged my headphones in my ears and fell asleep to The Way by Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller

Louis POV

I feel bad that i called Nicole's bestfriend an idiot but it kinda came out, ive gotten into fights with Tom Parker and Max George but i met Nathan at Starbucks and he was really nice he even got me coffee...

Nicole has been in her room for like 3 hours, she could be starving or something...

i got up from the couch and made my way to Nicole's room, i knocked on her door . Nothing. I knocked again but still nothing

I decided to go in just a little to fit my head in, i looked around until my eyes landed on a sleeping Nicole with her headphones full blast. She looks like an angle sleeping ! she smiles while sleeping and GOSH! those dimples!! i wish i could call her mine to be able to wake up to those hazel eyes and that perfect smile and those dimples.

i paused her music, moved the hair she had in her face and shaked her lightly until she woke up 

her eyes fluttered open, I smiled as i saw those hazel eyes

"What are you doing here?" she asked with her cute sleepy voice

"Well i got worried about you so i came to check up on you and take you out to dinner i said hoping she would say yes.

"Dinner sounds good, let me get ready" she said 

she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom 

"Ill be downstairs!! " i said 

and went downstairs.



Hey Cupcakes! sorry about the long update!! i tried to make the chapter as long as i could but this was so long it wouldnt go any larger :/ i'll try my best to update tomorrow...

So do you think Louis and Nicole will hit it off on there date night? 

Its all in Fight, Skype, Dinner and Paparazzi on top....part 2 :) Enjoy part 1 


                        -Nicole :)



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