Letters to My Love

As I move on, away from my dearest, I write him letters, until the very day we are together again.
(My chapters say Day One, etc. They do not go in that literal chronological order, They go by the times I written them. So, Day one would be my first letter, day two my second one and so on.)


2. Day Two


My Dearest,

It's been a couple of days since you've been gone. And frankly, I really can't stop thinking about everything bad that can go wrong when I leave. All these terrifying thoughts of you having sex with other girls, making out with them, and the most horrifying if that you would tell me you love me, and make everyone believe it too. I can't live knowing you're capable of doing that. I wouldn't want to talk to you, or love you any longer. Yes, I did engage in sexual activity with you, but we both agree to stay pure until we're together again. I wouldn't want to catch some disease of you did that. My love, please, don't do this. Do not do any of this activity unless you don't want to be with me. If in that case, then go ahead. I wouldn't mind, because we're both going our separate ways. Darling, you know I really love you and care about you. I will keep my emotions so, only if you put effort into this thing we call a relationship. I'll send you an email later. 

-Small Butterfly

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