Letters to My Love

As I move on, away from my dearest, I write him letters, until the very day we are together again.
(My chapters say Day One, etc. They do not go in that literal chronological order, They go by the times I written them. So, Day one would be my first letter, day two my second one and so on.)


10. Day Ten


@3:30 a.m.


I've had a drastic change in my life. Since I've moved to this small town, my life has "improved". I'm better as a person. I've learned that I no longer need to depend on anyone and not to because people only fail you. I also learned to please myself in every way possible. I need to be happy before others are happy. Self-sacrificing to an extensive point where they're not draining my every move nor using me.
Although I'm doing much better, I still can't rid of you. I'm still constantly thinking of you. I learned that I just can't let you go either. It's difficult. I still love you and want you. But, I don't want to be with you if you're still the same person I once knew. I don't want to get hurt again. It's a reason as to why I need to move on. There could possibly be someone else who will love me better than you ever will. But right now that's uncertain and for now I'll love you until someone who is worth my time comes around. Who knows? Maybe we could be together again.

Small butterfly

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