Letters to My Love

As I move on, away from my dearest, I write him letters, until the very day we are together again.
(My chapters say Day One, etc. They do not go in that literal chronological order, They go by the times I written them. So, Day one would be my first letter, day two my second one and so on.)


6. Day Six




Dear Mario,


No matter how much I try, I could never let you go. We're now miles apart, and we don't talk anymore. No text. No call. No email. No sign of your existence. Yes, it does hurt. It hurts a ton. Whenever someone asks me about you or your family, I just can't handle it. I try my hardest to avoid those conversations. I go into my private state of mind during these moments.

Sometimes, I think of other people and try to move on. I even imagine how it would be like if I was with someone else. Even talking to other people can't get me to stop this eternal fire I have for you. I know guys who want to be with me, and I reject then all. I always mention you to them. Although what we had is in the past, I still love you now. I loved you when I last saw you in Boston. And I still love you now. You are my first love. You were my first everything else. Yes, we had a lot of bad moments. Yes, it was hard but I've forgiven all that you've done to me (and changing was the hardest part). But regardless, I love you. And what we had was real. I just somehow want the same love back. I want you back. But I want it to be better than what we had before.


And I know better. I have to wait.



Small Butterfly


Ps: no one can take this from me. They can't take away my love.

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