Letters to My Love

As I move on, away from my dearest, I write him letters, until the very day we are together again.
(My chapters say Day One, etc. They do not go in that literal chronological order, They go by the times I written them. So, Day one would be my first letter, day two my second one and so on.)


8. Day Eight





Lately I've been thinking about you so much. It's unbearable. I've asked God to make my feeling for you stop. I've prayed so many times to forget about you. Turns out that none of it actually happened. It hurts and it sucks so much. I don't think you understand.

Why has it been so hard to forget about you?

And the sad part about this all is that you most likely don't even care anymore. I've noticed your actions lately. And at this point, I just wish to find someone who can replace you. Someone who can make me forget all about your existence. Someone who will love me more than you ever did and I'll love them more than I loved you. Someone in which I can have a trustful relationship with. I don't want any games and I don't want any boys. You, are yet still a boy. And I need a man.



Small Butterfly

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