Love At Last Sight

Bella, an 18 year old girl, lives a life that no other person has lived...
She has never liked the internet sensation, Justin Bieber. Bella is not rich nor poor and she lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident.. She then meets The Internet Sensation unexpectedly... Suprise to her he falls in love with her but she doesnt even like him.. Later they understand and get to know eachother alot more! This is howw the story begins...............................................


1. The Very Beginning

     '"Bella get up! Youll be late for school" i heard my mother calling me from down the stairs..

     I finally woke up and groaned dramatically.. I took a shower and got ready quickly.. I put on my black skinny jeans, pink laced crop top, and my pink supras.. I also put on very light makeup and starightened my hair... I ran downstairs and sat on the table as my mom quickly ran syrup on my waffles and whipped cream along with a cherry... YUMMY! we sat in silence until my broke it...

      " So, Bella, You know who Justin Bieber is? Am i correct?" my mother questioned.

       " Uh yea" I asnwered with a mouthful of waffles

      " Yea, So him and his mother will be spending some time with us because his tour bus broke down." i cut her off


      " Sweety only for a few weeks until there bus is fixed" She said calming me down..

       " Ok well bye mom im gonna be late" i said standing up and kissing my moms cheek.

      I quickly ran out and got into my car. In the car i truned on the radio and guess who was on? Justin Ugly Bieber!

There wasnt really nothing else on so i decided just to leave it on.. *radio* " CAUSE ALL I NEED! IS A BEAUTY AND A BEAT" The radio played.. Its was actually kind of catchy but i still hated him.. i finally got to school.. But then as i pulled up everyone was crowded around somebody? i casually walked out and went towards the crowd when suddenly i was nocked down...

     " Ouch!" i squeeled but someone pulled me into a dark area

     " shhhh" i didnt get a good glimpse,of the person but i could tell he well was a he..

      " who are you?' i whispered

       He walked into the sunlight and i immediatly new who it was, Justin Ugly Bieber... I quickly got out of his way and walked into school.. When i walked inot class everyone was talking about well you know Justin... The class finally quited down when the teacher walked in...

      "Class! We have a new student! Well hes only staying for a couple weeks" She retorted..

       OH GREAT! JUSTIN UGLY BIEBER WALKED IN! The teacher greeted him and all the girls screamed.. Oh God! The teacher pointed to a seat next to me and Justin immediatly sat down..

      "Hi im-" i cut him off gaurd and replied harshly

      " Yea i know who you are.... Bieber" i replied maybe a little harsh but it felt good since i hated his gut!

       "oh so youve heard of me" he said but i didnt answer.

        Class started and we had to have seat partners.. Of course Im with Justin.. Our partner project was oh god.... Romeo and Juliet.. So ironic... We worked in silence as we read the story... After the story was done we started on the report..

        " So whats your name?" he asked in a husky tone..

        " Bella O'Conner" i replied simply....

        " thats a pretty name for such a pretty girl" he said with a smile as i just sat there and had a staright face...

        " So you a fan?" as soon as he said that i knew what he was referring too....

        " Could we just work on the project?" i asked a little annoyed..

         He didnt say anything after that and the bell rang.. *RING RING* I quickly ran out of class and went to my BFFL Ashley Oken..

        " Hey Ash!' i called her ash for short.

        " Hey Bell" she called me bell for short ugh love this girl!

        " Did you here who was here earlier and is staying for a few weeks?' she said exitedly..

       " Yea Bieber" i said annoyed....

       We walked to lunch and sat down at our fave table.... With the cool kids... WELL DUH IM POPULAR!!



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