Love At Last Sight

Bella, an 18 year old girl, lives a life that no other person has lived...
She has never liked the internet sensation, Justin Bieber. Bella is not rich nor poor and she lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident.. She then meets The Internet Sensation unexpectedly... Suprise to her he falls in love with her but she doesnt even like him.. Later they understand and get to know eachother alot more! This is howw the story begins...............................................


5. My Love At Last Sight

     The next morning I got ready to go to chruch.. I quickly ran to the bathroom and took a shower, a rather soothing shower i suppose. I got out and noticed Justin was still on my couch sleeping so i quickly wrapped a towel wround me and quickly went into my closet. I went ito my closet, turned the light on and looked for a dress. I then found an even better outfit, a  brown tank top, white sweater vest, blue jeans, and my brown boots. Damn i looked cute! I walked out of my closet and went into the bathroom to curl my and hair put on light makeup. I walked out to see Justin already in a nice outfit for church.

      "Wow Bieber you clean up nicely" I giggled.

       "Wow you look stunning" he said examining me.

       "weird, ok well we need to go" i blurted out and we went in the car.

     We got there and the church was filled with people. I showed Justin where i usually sit and we sat there and waited for survice to start. When survice started Justin was on his phone so i snatched it away and told him to stand up. He stood up and he clapped with me.




     *end of song*

   Then worship began and i was lifting up my hands. Justin stared at me like i was phsycho or something but soon after that he lifted his hands only half way up. Church ended and we both walked out.

     "Hey i gotta go to the bathroom ill be right back" He said.

      "ok ill just stay here." i said hugging him.

    Just when he left a boy came up to me, ive never seen him before.

      "Heyyyy" he said putting his hand on my hip.

       "Um im sorry but i have a boyfriend" i said with fright in my eyes.

      "He doesnt have to know" he said breathing on my neck.

       "seriously stop, or i will call him" i said as he gripped my tighter kissing my neck. Just then i called out to Justin

       "BIEBER HELP!" i yelled but the boy kissed me harder.

        "Shut up, or ill hurt you" the boy whispered. then i shut my mouth.

     Then Justin sprang out of no where and grabbed the guy off of me. Then the guy socked justin in his nose but justin managed to beat the guy senseless. the guy ran off and justin came over to help me up.

         "Are you ok?" he said carressing my body for any scrapes or cuts.

         "Im fine and thank you" i said with tears in my eyes. I hugged Justin tight. He pecked my forehead.

      We went home and didnt tell my mom anything. I-Im falling for Justin........... I decided he would be my love at last sight i wanted Justin.. I went over to Justin suprisingly and kissed him hard. He gasped but he gave in. We started to makeout and thats when i knew i had to tell Ashton we need to break

       A- hey baby hows it going

       B- ashton i think its time we see other people

       A- what??!! no babe please dont do this!

       B- Im sorry ashton

   the call ended and i looked over at Justin

      "Justin?" i asked. he looked suprised when i said his name

     "Yea?" he questioned

      "I love you" i said and gave him a long passionate kiss

        "i love you too, my love at last sight" he said


                           * HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED MY STORY THANKS FOR READING!!!!!*



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