Love At Last Sight

Bella, an 18 year old girl, lives a life that no other person has lived...
She has never liked the internet sensation, Justin Bieber. Bella is not rich nor poor and she lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident.. She then meets The Internet Sensation unexpectedly... Suprise to her he falls in love with her but she doesnt even like him.. Later they understand and get to know eachother alot more! This is howw the story begins...............................................


4. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

            Its was really late, so we finished eating and i said thank you. I ran up stairs to take a quick shower. After my shower I put on my silk, pink pajamas with my bunny slippers and my hair is a messy bun. I was about to get ready for bed when guess who? walked in.. I pretended to be asleep but i dont think he bought it..

           "Bella i know you are awake" He said giggling

            "Haha! You caught me Bieber!" i said while laughing

            "Mind if i sit?" he said walking towards my bed

            "Sure Bieber" i said while looking at my twitter

             "Ok so where is my room because i really dont know" he said.

             "you can sleep here if you want." i said disturbed by the fact he is still here.

             "Where? Your bed, your couch over there, or the floor" he said

             "Wherever as long as its not on my bed"i said closing out of twitter.

       I set up a bed on my couch in my room and said goodnight to Justin. I slowly drifted to sleep. I woke up the next morning to the smell of freshly baked pancakes! yum! I got up and took a shower, brushed my teeth, starightened my hair, and put my clothes on. I wore an Avengers T-shirt which i tied in the back, my blue jeans, and my black supras -i love supras-. I then put on some light makeup and my special earings my dad gave me before he died. I went downstairs thinking my mom made breakfast but instead Justin did.

              "Morning Bieber! What smells so good?" i greeted

              "Morning Bella, I made pancakes with syrup!" he said happily

               "Nice! well we have to get ready soon because school starts in an hour" i said

              "Haha well you dont have to worry about that because today is saturday" he said while laughing.

        I felt kind of embarrassed with my smart little remark. But i dont think Justin thought i was that stupid. We ate and chatted for a while.

               "Bella can i ask you something?" He said whith a staright face.

               'Ask away Bieber" i said with a mouthful of pancakes.

               "I know you dont like me but i Love you so much! Im at the piont where i would take a bullet for you! Your amazing and beautiful and your just wow! If i never had met you i wouldnt think my life would be this great when im around you! I know you have a boyfriend but has he ever called you beautiful?" he said waiting for an answer.

                "Well....... no" i said whith tears in my eyes. Justin really did love me.. I started to cry.

                "Bella dont cry.. I hate to see you like this" he said

                 "Justin but he is my boyfriend and i can just give him up for you" i said while getting up and running to my room.

         When i got to my room i locked the door and plounced on my bed and burst into tears... He loves me, he loves my not!


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