Love At Last Sight

Bella, an 18 year old girl, lives a life that no other person has lived...
She has never liked the internet sensation, Justin Bieber. Bella is not rich nor poor and she lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident.. She then meets The Internet Sensation unexpectedly... Suprise to her he falls in love with her but she doesnt even like him.. Later they understand and get to know eachother alot more! This is howw the story begins...............................................


2. Flirty Bieber

     We sat down and ate our food while talking about... Ashton Turner.. He was the hottest guy in school and had a huge crush on me.. I also had a crush on him and wanted to ask him out soo badly... I told Ash i would go ask him out and she got so exited.. I got up and dusted off my pants and walked over to Ashton..

     "Hey, Ashton" i said a little nervously

     "Oh Hey Bella!" he said nervously too.

     "So i was wondering if you would like to go out some time?" i asked

      " That would be great! pick you up at 8?" he asked. i nodded my head and went to Ashley..

   I squeeled quietly.. Me and Ashley hopped around like idiotic bunnys.. Just then Justin walked up to us... Ashley fell into a death faint but i knew she was fine... I went to pick up Ashley from the ground and i calmed her down.. She finally said she would go to her other friend Bri.

     "Uh hey Bieber" i said with out hesitation...

    "uh so bieber huh? thats what you call me? you know you could just say-" i cut him off

    "Yes i know, Justin, But i prefer to call you Bieber" i said and was about to walk away when he pulled me..,. "Um dont touch me.." i said resisting his grip..

     "What? ok then! TOUCH!" he said while poking my arm...

    " Its gonna be tough living with you Bieber" i said while playfully punching his arm...

    "Oh! Are you Brenda O'Conners daughter" he said holding his hand out for a shake

     " Well duh!" i said while shaking his hand.. i rolled my eyes. The bell rang..

    I walked to class but then someone grabbed my arm.. It was Justin Ugly Bieber! i scoffed and tried to pull away

     "What are you doing?' i asked annoyed

      "Your mother called and told me to bring you home.." after he said that i finally agreed to go with him....

     We got to the house and i plopped on the couch and turned on Jersey Shores.... Justin plopped next to me and he put his amr around me... I quickley got his arms and flew them away from me... I then went up to my room and slammed the dorr and watched television by myself... *KNOCK KNOCK* a knock at my door pounded... I ignored it then it pounded louder...

       "WHAT??!!" i shouted.

     All of a sudden Justin walked in.... UGH!

      "Hey beautiful!" he said as he smiled. He walked in as if i greeted him.. He sat down on the side of my bed..

     " Hey Bieber" i said hesitantly

     "Look i really like you Bella and when i say like i mean ALOT!" he said looking into my eyes..

     " Bieber for as long as i could remember i hated you so much.... and i still do" i said passionatly.. His eyes widened..

     He slowly leaned in.. I backed away but he grabbed my side cheek.. Then BOOM! We started to kiss... My eyes widened. I resisted but he held on tight.... Then i pulled awya for air..

      "Bieber stop I already have a boyfriend" i said and sat up.

      "Im Im sorry i didnt kn know" he said as he stuttered..  After that we walked downstairs...



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