Love At Last Sight

Bella, an 18 year old girl, lives a life that no other person has lived...
She has never liked the internet sensation, Justin Bieber. Bella is not rich nor poor and she lives with her mother. Her father died in a car accident.. She then meets The Internet Sensation unexpectedly... Suprise to her he falls in love with her but she doesnt even like him.. Later they understand and get to know eachother alot more! This is howw the story begins...............................................


3. Ashton V.S. Justin

          I walked downstairs and it was already 6:30.. That means its almost Ashton time! Im so excited! I told Justin i was going on a date with Ashton. I saw fury in his eyes.. I ignored it and quickly ran up stairs to take a shower. I might of took alittle longer then usual because the hot water was soothing. I got out and blow dried my hair.. Wow wavy! I then curled flowncy curls and put on very light makeup.. I walked out of the bathroom with my towel around my chest.. I walked over to my drawer and grabbed my under clothing.. I then went into my walk in closet and grabbed my white shorts, blue tank, white vest, and my blue supras.. Wow i looked cute! I then walked downstairs.. When Justin saw me his mouth was literally dropped to the grounded.. He stared

         "Take a picture it lasts londer" i said sarcastically while blushing.

          "You said it not me" he smirked while taking the picture.

         "AHH Bieber! Delete that picture i look so ugly!" i laughed.

    When i said i looked ugly Justins smile went down. He sat down on the couch and put his head down in his hands.

        "Bella, your not ugly! Your so beautiful and amazing! Dont say negative things about yourself.. You know your me" his voice got quiter and quiter as he kept talking..

       "Ok well Ashtons almost here" I blurted out not wanting to..

      "Who is this Ashton you speak of?" he asked interested

      "My boyfrind" i said hesitantly.

       "Well i wanna meet this Ashton" he said while we walked to the door.

     Just then Ashton pulled up in a hot ride. Wow he looked hot!

       "Hey babe" he said while giving Justin a death stare." Who are you?" he asked looking at Justin..

       "Im Justin, Justin B-" Ashton cut him off

       "Yea i know who you are, Justin Beaver" he said Beaver oh no!

        "Well just to let you know Ashton, if you hurt her, I will hurt YOU ten times harder!" Justin yelled

        "Chill man Chill!" Ashton said calmly..

        "Ok well Bye Bieber!" i said while giving Justin a hug.

        "Bye Bella" he said and hugged me back.

     I went into the car and Ashton looked at me with a frown..

       "Ashton whats wrong?" i asked breaking the silence..

        "Babe just listen to me right now, stay away from Mr.Biever! understood!" he yelled but in an understanding way..

     I nodded my head.. Then we were off... Justin or Ashton? Well Justin hates me and Ashton loves me.... ASHTON!

        "We are here!" He said with a smile. I almost cries when i saw what he did for me... He took me to a lake with a picnic set up...

       "Ashton its its beautiful!" I said whith tears in my eyes... I pecked Ashtons cheek and walked over like a penguin to the picnic blanket..

      The picnic was over and Ashton took me home.. I walked out and gave him a hug.. I said thank you and walked inside.. I saw Justin sitting on the table with a Rose and beautiful table set and Delicious lookin food....

        "Bieber what is this?" i asked smiling

        "Well i thought a date with that jerk wouldnt be that great so i did this for you' he said nervously.. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek.. He blushed

         "IM STARVING!" i said because i didnt really eat at the picnic with Ashton..

         "ok dig in" he said and he ate... This is a whole new side of Justin ive never seen.. I liked it.. NO WAIT IM IN A RELATIONSHIP I CANT HAVE A CRUSH ALREADY BESIDES HE HATES ,ME! Justin snapped me out of my thoughts saying "You like it?"

         "no" i said with a staright face as his smile went down "I LOVE IT! I said with a smile... A big grin grew on his face... Ashton V.S. Justin



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