Destiny and Direction: One Direction fanficion!!

Harry and Rose move back to Cheshire happily meeting up with old friends and beginning new relationships; But its the Style's family secret past that might change everything for the worst...


3. Chapter 3

Suddenly we heard cheering then the doorbell rang, and again...and again...and AGAIN.
'Who's that?' asked Harry looking at Niall.
'Erm, I'm not sure? I'm not expecting anyone, not now you're here.' Niall got up heading towards the door to answer it.

'WHEEY, NIALLER! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED' a bunch of people exclaimed, rushing into our house. I recognised some of them from our school.
'Niall, why are they here?' I shouted, getting up from Harry's side. I looked back to see Harry's face slightly disappointed. This soon changed when I smiled at him and I got a cheeky grin in reply. Woaah, this lad! My best friends brother though? Is that wrong...
'I didn't invite the...umm actually...maybe I-'
'Nialler, what did you do?' Harry asked.
'Well we kinda, might've put it on facebook.' Replied Liam from the floor by Rose.
Speaking of Rose, we'd hardly spoken yet. We haven't really had the chance. I looked at her and saw her dreamly gazing at Liam. Picking up my phone, I gently tapped a message
*Rose, snap out of it. You're making your crush on Bieber number 2, obvious*
Her phone pinged, making her jump and stop looking at Liam. She stared at her text,blushing.
*oh dear, is it that obvious?* she replied.
I giggled a little, causing everyone to look at me.

Niall's P.O.V
I couldn't kick all these people out of our house now, could I? Especially as most of them were a bit tipsy already Anyway, Mum and Dad are away for the weekend so what does it matter? I went and got the drinks and plugged my ipod into the stereo. Party's started!

Everyone was dancing to all the latest songs. Rose was getting bored of my music so she went up to the speakers and plugged her ipod in instead. Hmm, guess what song played first?
'baby, baby, baby ohhh!'
'Oh no, comon!' everyone shouted.
'What?' she replied.

Rose's P.O.V
'Don't worry babe, I think Justin Bieber's awesome. Did you know he stole my haircut?' Liam assured me.
'Babe?' I asked smiling
'Um, yeah...' He replied blushing
Oh my bieber! I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I think I liked him, and I've known him for like 20 minutes? Why hadn't Harry or Nialler ever told me about him?

Me and Madie were sat in the kitchen! Sian was getting more alcohol out the fridge!
"so..." I asked "what's Liam like?" I questioned biting my lip, Madie laughed!
"Typical you to ask that!" she giggled making me laugh
"...this might be weird of me to ask!" she smiled blushing "...but what is Harry like?"
"seriously?" I questioned laughing "as in my brother Harry?" I laughed again
"...well he's kind of cute!" she blushed! I laughed again!
"your welcome to him babe!" I grinned "it's not like I'm going to want him!" I said as Madie passed me another drink!

Harry walked in! It was just me Harry and Madie I grinned at her
"I'm gonna go dance!" I smiled "bye Hazza!" I grinned before leaving the room dancing...

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