Destiny and Direction: One Direction fanficion!!

Harry and Rose move back to Cheshire happily meeting up with old friends and beginning new relationships; But its the Style's family secret past that might change everything for the worst...


2. Chapter 2

Rose's POV
I couldn't believe I'd be seeing my childhood best friend again. Surprisingly we hadn't spoken in ages, so it would be lovely to catch up!

I only knew Niall because he was Madie's brother but I'd heard Harry speaking about 'the boys' before. We were all in the same year at our new secondary but only Niall, Sian, Harry and me went to the same primary so I had no idea what these boys were like.
Harry and Madie never really spoke but me and Niall were really close. He's like my other big brother. It's all about the food with Nialler! We still spoke to this day and we text everyday, he's my best friend and so is Madie.

I was still in the middle of a full blow pillow fight with Hazza. 'Baby-sitting'? The cheek of it! There was only really 8 months between us and we were in the same year anyway so what did it matter? I really love my brother, and I know he loves me too but sometimes he can be overprotective, I suppose that's a big bro's job ey?

Madie's P.O.V
'Aye, aye, aye. Me + you, ima tell you one time'
'Hello?' I said, answering my phone.
'MADIE! Look come home yeah? Rose and Harry are back' my twin brother Niall shouted down the phone.
'Really? What she never told me! Okay, I'll be home in a minute! I was just round Ella's.'
'Oh right...yeah. bring her too?...I mean, if you want?' Niall replied sounding a bit embarrased.
'Yeah sure. Niall?'
'What is it Madie?'
'Hehe don't worry. I'll be round in a minute.'
'mmm okay'

We arrived at Rose and Harry's! I was about 12 the last time I saw these two!
"Hazza! Rosie!" grinned Niall as Rose opened the door giving them both a tight hug!
"Rose!" I squealed grinning coming to give her a masque hug!
"I've missed you" she smiled
"missed you too babes!" I said "we really need to catch up!"
"Hey Madie!" smiled Harry
"Harry? Wow you've umm changed!" I said a little shocked and speechless...not the boy I remember. Infront of me stood a tall handsome boy with lucious curly locks and bright green crystal eyes that already had me mesmerised! The other boys followed us in, Zayn, Louis and Liam!

Rose's POV
Harry and Sian both intoduced me to the rest of the boys, Zayn, Louis and Liam! I stopped listening after I saw Liam, he had chestnut coloured windswept hair and with matching puppy dog eyes and lips that carsessed a small smile! He. Was. Hot!
"hi!" I smiled sweetly shaking his hand "I'm Rose!"
"Liam!" he replied
"Liam!" smiled Harry probably noticing our little moment "help me get everyone some drink!" he said as both of the went towards the kitchen. I sighed.
"would you like to come this way?" I smiled leading them all towards the livingroom!

I sat on the sofa closest to the TV in the Corner closest to the window and even though we had only been here a few hours I had already claimed it was my corner!

When Harry and Liam came back with the drinks Liam came straight to sit down next to me! I smiled straight away and Harry gave him a little glare before walking over to Sian!

Madie's POV
Harry came over to me
"That my seat!" he said with a huge grin on his face! Suddenly I gust of confidence washed over me!
"Well I'm not moving!" I grinned
"Well I'm gonna have to make you!" he grinned beginning to tickle me! I couldn't stop laughing! He then picked me up and placed me on the seat next to him. "don't you dare ever sit here again!" he grinned joking poking me lightly making me giggle before the Xfactor started again!

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