Destiny and Direction: One Direction fanficion!!

Harry and Rose move back to Cheshire happily meeting up with old friends and beginning new relationships; But its the Style's family secret past that might change everything for the worst...


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV
"Bagsie this Room!" shouted Rose from upstairs! I sighed and laughed under my breath! Me my mum, my step dad and my little Sister Rose had just moved back to Cheshire after living in London for 7 years!

I couldn't wait to see all my friends again, it had been years! We kept in touch though and they all knew we were moving back!

After about 2 hours we were mostly settled and my mum an stepdad went out to celebrate the move! I stayed in with my little sister! We were sat watching The XFactor! Both of us were singing along madly and dancing around the room! Me and Rose got on really well!
"Have you ever though of auditioning for the Xfactor?" Rose asked me "you are really good!" she grinned. I was about to answer when my phone rang!
"Nialler!" I answered happily
"how are you?" I grinned
"great thanks! You?" he asked his tone sounded happy
"brilliant!" he smiled "listen!" he said "all the boys are at mine, you want to come round?"
I sighed "I can't I'm babysitting my little sister!" I grinned at Rose as I said that

"You are not babysitting me!" snapped Rose "and your only 1 year older than me!" she laughed throwing a pillow at me, I laughed but ignored Rose's statement
"do you all want to come round?" I asked Niall, I heard him asking the boys before he agreed to coming!
"see you in a bit Nialler!"
"tell him to bring Madie!" Rose shouted accross the room
"Rose says bring Madie!" I smiled before hanging up!

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