10 Fremione songfic shuffles

it's rated T because i'm always cautious, anyway so this is my first fanfic but I have written loads, I know it says Fremione but some of the songfics (most of them) include George so you could call it Fremionorge
so yeah enjoy people


8. Mad World - Gary Jules

Hermioen had just walked into her flat to see Fred and George sat around their Kitchen table they were sipping coffee suilently their faces worn out their hair dishevelled, no expressions on their faces. Silent tears streamed out of thei eyes hitting the edge of their coffee cups clutched in their hands. Hermione began to grow nervous she quietly walked over to the table. As they heard her come over Fred pulled the 3rd chair out from under the table and beckoned her to sit down, as she sat down Fred spoke

"So, you and George huh?" Fred said in a hoarse whisper

As Fred finished this sentence Hermione's eyes burst open with the strength of tears beating on her eyelids, she closed them and tried to speak

"F-ff-red no...pleasse no"

"Tell me if it's tru Hermione"



Quietly Hermione uttered one tiny word


As soon as she said it Fred's eyes collapsed wiuthg new tears rolling over the old ones, George looked as if he was about to cry himself.

"Fred I told you I loved her too, you have as much right to her as I do, we have always shared relationships so why the hell did you keep Hermione to yourself?"

"Because she was mine to begin with, If I shared her everyone would want her, I don't mind sharing with you but doing it behind my back! George your my brother...how could you"

"Stop please" Hermione's voice seemed like a tiny squeak over the loud shouts from Fred and George, the twins stopped and looked at the tiny girl sat between the 2 men she had new tears leaking out of the corners of her already red eyes, they looked sorry and sat down next to her and each held on of her hands they sat there silent until finally Fred brke the silence

"Im sorry"

Hermione kissed Fred on the cheek

"I know you love her, and im okay with that just don't do it behind my back again"

"I love you guys" Hermione said with a huge smile on her face

"Love you guys too" George said standing up and pulling them into a bone crushing hug

"I love you both aswell" Fred said with a smile on his face

"Two Boyfriends! God this a mad world!"

Hermione said, then all three of them started to laugh.

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