10 Fremione songfic shuffles

it's rated T because i'm always cautious, anyway so this is my first fanfic but I have written loads, I know it says Fremione but some of the songfics (most of them) include George so you could call it Fremionorge
so yeah enjoy people


10. Little Bird - Ed Sheeran

Dear Fred

               You left it...after everything I did to try and make you bring it in...you didnt, how could you do that to the little bird, you always called me your little bird. Jeez Fred i cant do this anymore...you've hurt me and this little bird too much, as much as i will always love you, i make you scream and you make me cry...it can't go on like this

I love you

Your Little Bird

P.S Call me when you've woken up from this dream

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