10 Fremione songfic shuffles

it's rated T because i'm always cautious, anyway so this is my first fanfic but I have written loads, I know it says Fremione but some of the songfics (most of them) include George so you could call it Fremionorge
so yeah enjoy people


3. Gotta be you - One Direction

Fred was confused, he knew who he loved, well he thought he did...It had to be his girlfriend. Right? But still he found himself starring at the brown haired girl from across the common room her nose buried in a big book, wearing a red tank top and gold shorts, "she looks so beautiful" Fred thought "No stop Fred, you love Katie, she's your girlfriend...but that relationship is just friendship...like Mione and Ron...Right? Oh god I don't know...no I do...it's her, its always been her...stop thinking like this"

"Fred got up out of his seat, noting that the common room was now empty he walked over to the little brown haired and pulled the book out of her reach...her brown eyes met his green

"It's gotta be you" he said before he gave her one tiny soft kiss

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