10 Fremione songfic shuffles

it's rated T because i'm always cautious, anyway so this is my first fanfic but I have written loads, I know it says Fremione but some of the songfics (most of them) include George so you could call it Fremionorge
so yeah enjoy people


7. Give me love - Ed Sheeran

Hermione and Fred were arguing in a deserted classroom

"Mya why cant you love me like you love Draco? I see the way you look at him I know because it's how I look at you!"

"Fred I do, I love you! I just love him too, jeez I don't know what to do"

"Go to him, love him...I'll wait, I'll always wait but I will NEVER give up on us, we are worth fighting for Hermione Granger! I will never give you up"

"I know Fred, I know" Hermione said tears falling down her cheeks

"I will fight until my blood runs dry! I w8ill fight for us, you will love me...eventually"

"Fred stop...please"

"No Hermione please, just listen! One day that ferret will hurt you and when he does im going to kill him but more importantly I'm going to be here waiting for you, I cant live without you...just please, let me have you...be mine"

"Fred I need to think!"

"Just let me have one more kiss, just let me taste your sweetness again"

"Hermione moved in and kissed him, he them put his forehead against hers and whispered "please cine back to me"

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