10 Fremione songfic shuffles

it's rated T because i'm always cautious, anyway so this is my first fanfic but I have written loads, I know it says Fremione but some of the songfics (most of them) include George so you could call it Fremionorge
so yeah enjoy people


9. Feel to Follow - The Maccabees

Fred was sat on a deserted statue plinth on the 4th floor corridor hours after the war had ended, he was silently crying into his arms. He wanted to be alone, he had lost Ron and he couldnt bare being in the great hall with his family. He didnt even want to be with George...his own twin, he had lost hope. The only thing Fred could think about was the girl in the great hall crying over his baby brothers body, the way her long brown locks bounced as her body shook. He hated the sight of it. He wanted to hold her to never let her go, to promise everything would be alright...but he knew it wouldn't be, how could it, her life had been ripped apart so many times. First her parents, then the idiot Malfoy left her for the death eaters and now her best friend...she would never be alright again. Just then he heard footsteps and a small sob, as he peeked out of his hiding place he saw Hermione rinning away from wherever she had just appeared from. He suddenly had an urge to follow her and so he did just that. Through the spell shattered corridors and bombarded stair cases he kept to the shadows until she stopped in front of a wall, he saw a door appear and watch as Hermione walked silently inside, he crept upto the wall silently and placed a hand on the wall, the door then appeared aswell and he let himself in. As he let his eyes adjust to the new light he saw a fireplace a sofa, bed and a rug infront of the sofa. A tiny little quivering body ay spread eagled on a bed in the corner, without thinking Fred walked over to the girl and placed a hand on her shoulder. She jerked up at the movement and looked into his green eyes.


he slightly smiled at her new tears poured from her eyes as she lay her head against his shoulder

"thanks for coming to find me" she said wiping her nose

"it's fine, I had a feel to follow"

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