A funny, fictional myth about a little chick living in a farm where he gets bullied by terrifying animals. He once decided to follow his dreams and complete his mission, though nobody knows whether he overcomes the obstacles the mission prepares for him. This little one year old chick is a very nosy and clever animal so do not think that he is only a littlebaby (he is more than that). Enjoy the story!!!


4. Who talked?

‘Go to the reign of the wishes a voice said ‘ERR… WHO TALKED.. MUM is that you?’ ‘Of course it’s not mum!’ The voice replied angrily.

‘Daddy! What are you doing here!?’ ‘I’m here to help you get your wish, follow my directions,’


After hours of meddling directions and teaching Cutie what left and right meant, they arrived. Though how deep the mountain was. It was like a roller coaster without the scary mode. Actually  the mountain was scary. ‘Now go and follow your heart and climb this mountain,’ Before Cutie was going to say something back the voice popped out and disappeared.


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