A funny, fictional myth about a little chick living in a farm where he gets bullied by terrifying animals. He once decided to follow his dreams and complete his mission, though nobody knows whether he overcomes the obstacles the mission prepares for him. This little one year old chick is a very nosy and clever animal so do not think that he is only a littlebaby (he is more than that). Enjoy the story!!!


5. The obstacles

‘Ohhh, I’m scaredy, chick chick,’ But then Cutie had an idea. A light bulb appeared. Chicks can’t climb but they can jump.


‘Oh! And who do we have here!’ That made Cutie leap as a rocket prepared for a take off. A wizard with a blue cloak covered in bright shiny stars and a normal pointy hat was sitting cross-legged on his white long beard. ‘Oh! Sorry I-THINK-YOU-ARE-A-MACHINE, but I’m here just for one incredible reason… I want to fly,’ that made the wizard laugh SO MUCH it made Cutie puzzled ‘This I-think-you-are-a-machine is madd’ Cutie thought ‘You know that I can hear you’ The wizard said when he finished his 20 minute laughing ‘but you completed your test,’  ‘huh?’ Cutie murmured puzzled.  ‘My test was for you to make me laugh seeing as I never laughed in a whole 473 years, but you finished you test so  your wish is granted.

Then a few seconds later, Cutie has a huge reaction on his whole body. A strong but still fun reaction. He can fly. He felt like he was the happiest chick in the entire world.  ‘But don’t touch the red button in the machine or else your powers won’t be here anymore,’ the wizard warned.

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