A funny, fictional myth about a little chick living in a farm where he gets bullied by terrifying animals. He once decided to follow his dreams and complete his mission, though nobody knows whether he overcomes the obstacles the mission prepares for him. This little one year old chick is a very nosy and clever animal so do not think that he is only a littlebaby (he is more than that). Enjoy the story!!!


3. The mission

Then CUTIE COULDN’T STAND IT ANYMORE. It felt an urge of angriness and fight sat the same times! BUT THEN HIS VEING GREW STRONGER AND STRONGER AND STRONGER Until…


‘YOU SHUT UP YOU STUPID UGLY PIG, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A FAMILY THEN WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MINE!!!!’ He talked so fast that he nearly lost his breath at once.


Then he ran away fiercely to complete his mission: to learn how to fly. 


‘Mummy, I miss you! This big, bad pig made me cross, but where should I go to complete my mission?

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