A funny, fictional myth about a little chick living in a farm where he gets bullied by terrifying animals. He once decided to follow his dreams and complete his mission, though nobody knows whether he overcomes the obstacles the mission prepares for him. This little one year old chick is a very nosy and clever animal so do not think that he is only a littlebaby (he is more than that). Enjoy the story!!!


7. Happy ending or unhappily ever after?

Then Cutie lost all its powers, but there were some strange creatures in another dimension. Creatures with 2 ears, 2 eyes, a face and a body.  A girl. A little timid 6 year old girl was walking timidly wearing teddy bear jumpers and a teddy bear.  Cutie took his headphones off. When Cutie and the girl saw each other, they felt an urge of love and destiny. They ran towards each other like a pack of hyenas and made a big adorable hug.  The other farm animals had 7 year old humans with the personalities of each different animal. That’s where everybody lived happily ever after. Of course Cutie’s dad was still in his mind and he did some pretty cool stuff that surprised the 6 year old girl who was called Emily. So, if you want a wish you need to earn it.

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