A funny, fictional myth about a little chick living in a farm where he gets bullied by terrifying animals. He once decided to follow his dreams and complete his mission, though nobody knows whether he overcomes the obstacles the mission prepares for him. This little one year old chick is a very nosy and clever animal so do not think that he is only a littlebaby (he is more than that). Enjoy the story!!!


1. Where are you going mum?

On a torrential, cluttered dimension.  An unpredictable, but surely chaotic dimension; a splitted dimension where humans and animal are all separated, there lived a hero… a baby hero who did something amazing… so amazing it was remembered for 13 years. Its name… you need to see it for yourself.


‘Mum, look at these flying machines flying around… what are these flying machines called… chick chick?’ ‘Ducks,’ Its mum murmured yawning. This chick was called Cutie. It was very intelligent with such an amazing mind nobody believed it was 1 year old (well sometimes they did.) However, whenever its cleverness grew it kept asking such stupid, but sometimes clever questions, which was very annoying if you were its mum…

‘Mummy, I’m a bird… I’ve got wings… but why can’t I fly?’ Cutie asked quietly. This adorable, little animal didn’t want the farm animals-enemies to hear what it said (I will talk about them later).  Cutie was terrified that they will tease him once again because he didn’t want to be laughed at even though they were 2 whole years older than him.


The farm was very malodorous and chaotic… don’t forget torrential! There was poo; in the basement, table flat etc. food that has gone off, flies that have been lying around everywhere and A LOT LOT MORE!!!!!!! IT WAS TRULY DREADFUL! It was like the swampiest swamp EVER! 


‘Oh, sorry dear but that’s how you were created and anyway being a pelican like me is hard work; you just need to follow the other pelicans every day,’ ‘Mum, what is…’ ‘Pelicans,’ Mum interrupted fiercely. She stood as high as she could (not very) up righting her wings preparing for a take off.


‘Mum, where are you going?‘Sorry, but I’m going with the other pelicans to do something,’ She decided and as a she spoke, she flew away leaving the fierce wind to attack the adorable chick.

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