Living With Love

Kalel, a 19 year-old girl never had love unless you having your parents love counts. She had no crush, no boyfriend no nothing. This all changed when she met a nice cute british boy named Harry Styles. She never heard of him nor his band. She thought they were gonna be best friends but she wanted more than just that after a couple of days hanging out with him. Kalel was born in Holmes Chapel, but raised in America, and never thought she would ever fall for a British boy. Kalel has green hair and brown eyes. She is 5.6. She has never thought SHE would be the one to fall in love.She is very beautiful and has one bright personality. Hope you enjoy!!!!!


1. To England


The wind hit my face once I stepped out. It was still a bit cold where I live, but still flowers have been blooming like crazy. Bags packed, hair tied, plane ticket, passport, check. I was heading to the final place I will be traveling to. Where my new home will be. Holmes Chapel, England. I have been dreaming to go there ever since I was 6. My mum was born there but my dad is American so she moved here. I wished she had stayed there though while my father came there. My dream has been done. I said my final goodbye to all those precious memories I had in my house. I walked to my car and drove to my friend Alice's house so she could drop me off and take my car. Her dream car that is. I got to her apartment and she jumped in. We switched spots and we headed towards to LAX. I lived in L.A. Why would I want to leave this beautiful land you may ask? I want to go where my hometown is. I was born there actually. They just moved here because they wanted me to be more like an American. Sad, I know. Even though I have been living here my whole life, I have a sweet British accent. I have been crushed on but I never liked the boys back. I never really loved anyone but my family. Yes, I know. I'm cray. Even though some of the guys were cute. I never really had a fancy for them. We finally made it to the airport and I left my, Alice's car and said our goodbyes. "When will you visit?" "Maybe in the Summer. I'll miss you!!!!!" "I'll miss you too!!!!!" I walked inside and headed to the entrance to the plane. The plane was gonna leave in 10 minutes and I was in a hurry. I made sure no one saw me just run the the plane. I gave the lady my ticket and stepped in. I was scared. I haven't been to a different country. Just a different state. I sat in an empty seat and surprisingly, no one sat next to me. I took out my IPhone and got onto Twitter. "I'm heading to England!!" I typed. "On the plane right now. If any of you guys live either near, or in Holmes Chapel, make sure to keep and eye and watch out for me!!' I smiled and Sent the tweet. I am a YouTuber and have many fans. I try not to be mobbed by people though. I have like over One Million subscribers. Cray, I know. "Please turn off all devices unless the device will be used for work, or to listen to music. Enjoy the ride!" I grabbed my earplugs out of my purse and plugged them into the phone and started listening to Pandora. "You're so pretty when you cry when you cry" was the first thing I heard. I never heard of this song, nor the band One Direction. They were pretty good. I listened to the songs that came on until I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the flight attendant. "You may now exit the plane. I repeat you may now exit the plane.' I got my stuff and raced tot he door. I ran out and into the building. I sat down to take a rest after all that running with those heavy bags. After a 5 minute break I got up, grabbed my bags, and headed out the door. "This is gonna be a new life," I thought. "In England." I smiled and waited for my old friend, Jason. 

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