Living With Love

Kalel, a 19 year-old girl never had love unless you having your parents love counts. She had no crush, no boyfriend no nothing. This all changed when she met a nice cute british boy named Harry Styles. She never heard of him nor his band. She thought they were gonna be best friends but she wanted more than just that after a couple of days hanging out with him. Kalel was born in Holmes Chapel, but raised in America, and never thought she would ever fall for a British boy. Kalel has green hair and brown eyes. She is 5.6. She has never thought SHE would be the one to fall in love.She is very beautiful and has one bright personality. Hope you enjoy!!!!!


3. A Skype and A Brother


It turns out Kalel was 19. It was about 30 minutes after I texted her when she Skyped me. "HARRY!!!!!" "KALEL!!!!!" "What took so long?" I asked "I had make an account. I had trouble." I laughed. "That's okay. I had trouble too. By the way, I checked out your Twitter like you told me to do on Kik. You have about a couple of hundred more followers than I do!" She smiled her most cutest smile I have seen so far today. 'Really?!" She sounded surprised. "Oh yeah, have you ever heard of One Direction?" 


"Oh yeah, have you ever heard of One Direction?" Harry asked. Oh yeah that's why he seemed so familiar! That hurt me so bad. I could have exploded. Thank you your hotness Harry. "Actually I have. About a day ago." He laughed which made me shiver. His laugh is so cute. I grinned. "Well, that is the reason why, if you understand what I mean." "I understand!" I shouted. 2 hours later, what seemed like 20 minutes, Harry was called down from his mum to eat dinner. We said a sad goodbye and heard a "BOOP" I closed my laptop and set it on my desk. Plugged it in and unpacked the rest of my stuff. I was lucky to have a laptop that has a long battery life. I grabbed everything out of my last luggage and pulled out the very last thing. The last ever family picture with my parents. I let a tear slip down my face as if no one was watching. Jason was at my place organizing things for me but stayed downstairs so he wouldn't bother me while talking to Harry. My mum and died by a fire. More likely, a bomb. it was 3 years ago. Though, I lived by myself hiding from police when they came to my house. I over heard them talking to each other. They probably knew I was hiding though. They understood why I was hiding and let me go. They left everything on. Let me live here alone since I was responsible. "KALEL!!!!! I MADE US SOME DINNER!!!!!" Jason shouted. I snapped out of my flashback and put the photo down and ran downstairs. "Smells good." I said. "Thanks. It's my own recipe. Let's hope this one doesn't taste as bad as the last one." We both started cracking up. "You go first. I'm scared. Plus it's your recipe." He took his fork and n=knife and cut off a piece of his lobster. He was a true gentleman. Speaking of gentleman, PSY's new song Gentleman came out. BACK TO THE SUBJECT. I watched carefully as he took his first bite. "WOW!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST EVER!!" He shouted and took another bite. Good. no sarcasm. I took my knife and looked like I was gonna murder someone. "Whoa girl. Once again, calm your clovers!" "Sorry." I grabbed my fork and sliced off a piece. After my first bite I looked like I just ate the best ever macaroon. I quickly sliced off another and then another and another. "Slow down. Your gonna choke!" Jason said while laughing. He was like the brother I would've never had. He protected me. I loved that. 

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