Life As They Know It

This is just the first chapter but Its about a girl who come in contact with a man her age named Marcus Kino, but after that her life, feelings, and personality take a drastic turn.
Im not sure how good it is compared to other Movellas but maybe you can like and comment if i should write another chapter?


1. One of us


The aroma of my garden flowers were intoxicating. they suffocated me and I felt as though all oxygen had been removed from the world. There was definitely something wrong with me, and it all had started last week at the block party. I was enjoying the music and watching people laugh and joke around. In the corner was my best friend Mara, making out with her crush Ritchie Blue. Actually, they looked more like they were trying to bite off each others faces. Then Marcus Kino comes up to me. he whispers something in my ear. After that all I remember was that him and I were wrapped together so tightly it felt like were were glued together. It was a wonderful feeling, him rubbing his hands on my body and kissing me everywhere. It was luxurious. Never in my entire life had I been so seduced by someone so quickly. He pressed me against the wall and started pecking at my neck, Slowly moving down to my chest. Then he grabbed my hand and led me to a small room with one, twin sized bed in the corner. He pushed me down on it and I asked, "how are you going to fit too?" He said we would just have to squeeze tight. And we did, very tight and then slowly he lifted off my chiffon shirt and took off his own Calvin Klein T-shirt. His thumb slowly moved back and forth, right under my bra line, as if testing my limits. When i didn't respond, he reached to my back and I heard the faint click that told me that he was taking my bra off. he slowly started unbuttoning my skin tight jeans and i did the same to his baggy, ripped, khaki's. The rest of the night was a blur, when I finally got home I slumped on my bed and del asleep without changing my clothes. It had been some night.

After that, I wasn't myself. Warm and sunny weather agitated me and I found myself isolating me from others and not knowing why. I had turned down every invitation of hanging out or catching up with friends and blockaded myself in my room, closing the shades and trapping the darkness within my room...and within me. My perfect sister, Priscilla, started taking to me in hushed tones, as if I were on my death bed and younger brother, Mikey, kept saying,"emo" under his breath when I walked by. My father just thought I was going through a "teenage hormonal phase" but it definitely wasn't that. I was always cold and I was finding cheerfulness extremely irritating. But here I was now, Lying down in the grass, forcing myself to go outside and enjoy the weather. But the real feeling was far from that. The chirps of birds pierced my head like daggers and the light breeze felt like hail against my skin. I managed to get up and out of the corner of my eye I saw Marcus. He was just standing there, watching me. So I got up and walked over. "Hey." I said. He looked at me and I could tell there was something wrong. In every inch of his face it seemed as thought the word "serious" was etched in his skin. He took my hand, but pulled away quickly. He had felt the coldness I was feeling inside. I heard a swoosh behind me and turned around to see a man about my same age that I did not recognize. "Well?" he asked Marcus. His voice was rough and husky, like he was battling a soar throat. "It's happened", Marcus said, "She's one of us."

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