Don't add water (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Caro is a normal 18 year old teen, so as her friends Gwyneth and Ellen. Untill they are in the water, than they get a tail...
One day, Caro swims to the moonpool, there she sees a boy, unconscious, Harry Styles. They fall in love and after a while she tells him...
Will Harry be able to keep it from the media? Will Caro trust Harry enough to tell him all of her life? Read the book to find out!
Please no hate! This is my first fanfiction. So everything is based on the H2o: just add water series. Sorry if there are any mistakes.
Faith. xoxo


6. Sooner or later

Caro's POV


"Well... Uh... Wanna know a secret?" He said with a smirk. "Yeah, sure..." I said, I didn't know where this was going...

"So, when you saved me out of that cave, I promised myself not to fall for you. I wanted to meet you in the Café to convince myself that I didn't like you. But, once I've saw you walking in, I was completely lost. I'm falling for you, Caro. I know it's fast, but I've never felt this for any girl before. I really like you."

What? No, this couldn't be happening! I knew that I liked Harry too, a lot. But it was a big risk. No, not again. I'm done with refusing everyone that comes into my live. I can't let Harry go, I won't.

"Really?" I said surprised. "Really. I like you." He said. "I... I like you too, Harry." I smiled.

He smirked and leaned in. I closed my eyes and leaned in, waiting for our lips to touch. He placed his soft lips on mine and wrapped his arm around my waist. I wished this moment would never end...


Harry's POV


I pulled away, and looked in her eyes. I could see she liked me too. But I could also see a dilemma in her eyes. Like she was wondering if she should tell me something. I knew she was hiding something from me. But I won't ask her anything about it again. I trust her, when the time is right, she'll tell me. I didn't knew why, but there was something special about her. Something mystical, almost magical. No, that wasn't possible, there was no such thing as 'magic'. I would know what her secret was, sooner or later.




Hi, this is a short chapter, hope you like it. Like and fav, please?


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