Don't add water (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Caro is a normal 18 year old teen, so as her friends Gwyneth and Ellen. Untill they are in the water, than they get a tail...
One day, Caro swims to the moonpool, there she sees a boy, unconscious, Harry Styles. They fall in love and after a while she tells him...
Will Harry be able to keep it from the media? Will Caro trust Harry enough to tell him all of her life? Read the book to find out!
Please no hate! This is my first fanfiction. So everything is based on the H2o: just add water series. Sorry if there are any mistakes.
Faith. xoxo


2. Focus!


Caro's POV

Harry laughed at my reaction, probably he thought it's funny that it has taken a while before I reconised him. "Yeah. And you are?" He asked with still sleepy eyes. "Caro." I said with a shaky voice, I was really nervous.

"So, Caro, you said that there was an entrance from above?" He asked. "Um.. Yeah, come with me, I will show you." I said, God, I was so happy that it wasn't a lie.

When we were on the island, Harry asked me to tell everything about my life. So I told him everything, well, almost evrything. Of course i didn't told him that I was a mermaid, but there's another part...

When I was thirteen my parents died. And the worst part is, I was there, and they were killed. The only reason that I survived was because my mum told me to get something out of the closet. As if she knew that he was coming. I still don't talk about them a lot, so I didn't told it to Harry.

"Okay, so now I know everything about your life. Except the main part." he said. "Like what?" I asked confused. "Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked with rosy cheeks. What?! Was he kidding?! This must be a dream... "No, I'm single, why?" I asked. "Just... curioustity." He said.

When we arrived at the beach he said: "So, can I offer you a ride back?" Yeah, so I can get wet and get my tail? Don't think so. "Um.. No, thanks. I have a friend coming to pick me up in a few minutes." I said. "And that friend, is that your friend?" He asked me shyly.

"That friend is a girl." I said. His head received the colour of a tomato. "Oh, okay. I'll call you?" He said before stepping in his boat and sail away.

Call me? Oh, yeah, i forgot i gave my number to him. I dived into the water, I needed to think. 


Harry's POV



I heard something, I looked back to the beach to see if Caro was alright. But I didn't saw her, where did she go?  She probably forgot something in that cave. She's probably walking around the island right now. 

God, I hope she's alright. For the hour that I know her, I care about her a lot.

Focus, Harry! I promised myself not to fall in love again any time soon. After the 'Haylor' -drama, I don't want to see my directioners suffor again.

But, if you fall in love, there's nothing you can do about it...


Caro's POV


While I was swimming, I thought about Harry. The way he was looking at me. The his hair felt perfectly on his forehead. The way his hand touched mine...

Focus, Caro! Since I was a mermaid, I proimised myself jot to fall in love again.

I  had 1 boyfriend. After 3 months, I told him my secret. He completly freaked out and he moved far away from here. I don't wanna get hurt like that again.

But, if you fall in love, there's nothing you can do about it...

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