Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


10. You’re on your period

10# You’re on your period

Note: I hate periods, mostly bc I don't have somebody to take care of me. 
can you hear my sobs

HarryYou were over at his flat when he started to kiss your neck. Knowing what he was trying to do, you pulled away. “Haz, Harry no. Im not in the mood. “Defeated, he pulled back with the puppy dog face. “Come on, please?” You sighed and got off the stool, heading into the living room. “Babe, whats wrong?” He called as he walked in after you. “Im just not feeling good this week.” Getting the message, he came and sat down on the couch with you. Together, you watched movies all day while he lightly trailed his fingers on your arm. Whenever you asked, he went and got you food or a pillow.

Liam“(Y/N), do you want to do something today? Go see a movie maybe?” Liam whispered from behind you. You two had just woke up, and were still laying in bed. His arm was draped around your waist as his head pressed a small kiss to the back of your neck. “Uh, Li, id rather stay home with you.” You turned around to face him. “You feeling okay?” You smiled a little before kissing his lips. “Its just that time of the month y’know?” Liam smiled and kissed the top of your nose before getting up. “Wait here.” He instructed. When he came back, he had made you eggs and french toast, bringing it up with a glass of apple juice. He gave you the plate and put the juice on the nightstand, before grabbing the remote. Liam turned on your favorite show and started to rub your tummy while you ate.

Louis~new text from: Lou♥You smiled and opened the text. “Hey babe, i just bought some new games, wanna come over? (: xx” You walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. You looked and felt like crap. Your hair was a tangled mess and you hadnt even bothered to take off your makeup last night. Sighing, you took out your phone to reply. “Eh, Lou, i think this week might be a lazy week. Im having cramps and i look horrible.” You sent it and went downstairs to get food. A couple minutes later, the doorbell rang. When you opened it, Louis was standing there with three board games, a package of cookies, some movies and a teddy bear. You gave him a hug while he kissed the top of your head. “Lazy day it is, with the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Niall: "(Y/N), what do you want for lunch?” Niall called from the kitchen as you layed on the couch. “Ugh, i have no idea. Wait, Niall, have you seen the asprin?” You called back. Your head was pounding and cramps were intense. “Uh, i think were out. Do you need some?” Niall came into the room with some leftover Chinese, soda and the remote. “No,” You sighed, “Im just have cramps. Can…Can i have a bite of that?” He froze, fork almost in his mouth before he twisted his wrist and fed it to you. “Wait,” He got up and went to the kitchen. When he came back, he had a tub of ice cream and another fork. “Thank you love.” You said after he sat down and kissed you. “Anything for my princess.”

ZaynThis had to be the tenth time you had gotten up and looked in the fridge. And still, nothing was there. Or well, nothing you wanted. Your period had started the day before, and you were already having major mood swings. Yesterday, you randomly started crying during Family guy. Today, you were starving. Sighing, you pulled out your phone and scrolled to your boyfriend, Zayn’s, contact. Opening a new text, you typed in: “Hey babe, im not feeling good. Will you come over? ): ♥” Within seconds, he replied saying, “Sure, just let me pick up a few things ♥” When Zayn walked in the door 10 minutes later, he had chocolate, juice, movies, midol and your favorite jacket of his. You two spent the whole day cuddling while he tried to make you feel better.

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