Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


29. You're on the kiss cam

29# You're on the kiss cam.

Note: To you guys who don't know what a kiss cam is, go google "kiss cam" in pictures.

im to lazy to explain.


Harry: You lean back in your seat at the TV break, crossing your arms over your chest as Harry slinks down in his seat. “So… we’re winning, yeah?” he asks and you chuckle. “Yeah, we’re winning” you tell him, looking up to the scoreboard to see the kiss cam. You nudge Harry and you both watch various couples kissing on the scoreboard above the ice before you’re faces are shown. You watch Harry chuckle and you try to hide your face but Harry has already swatted your hand away to press his lips to yours. The crowd cheers when Harry tangles his fingers in your hair, tugging you closer to him and you blush because you know the next day, your very public kiss will be all over the internet.

Louis: As the camera pans around the arena you smile at all of the couples being caught on the “Kiss Cam”, cooing at how cute they are. You turn your head back to the game to make sure that the Pacers were still winning, when Louis taps your shoulder. You turn to him and he points to the scoreboard. You look up and see the two of you on the screen and laugh. It takes less than a second for him to be in your face starring you down for a kiss. You smile as you lean into him, kissing his smiling lips. 

Niall: “Maybe we’ll be on the kiss cam?” Niall smiles, wriggling his eyebrows and you slap his chest. “I just want to watch the game Niall, be quiet” you tease, crossing your legs and Niall just wraps his arm around your shoulder. You’re not looking at the overhead scoreboard when Niall nudges your shoulder, pointing up to where you’re both looking at yourself on the kiss cam. He smiles as he leans in, pressing his lips to yours before kissing your nose. “Got my wish” he grins and you roll your eyes.

Liam: PDA isn’t your thing. It just isn’t something Liam and you do; holding hands and hugging are about as far as it goes. His arm is on the back of your chair for the LA Lakers game he had scored tickets to and you watch the replays on the overhead scoreboard. The kiss cam pops up and you groan because you can already tell that you’ll be on it. Liam blushes when your faces pop up, smiling shyly as you chuckle nervously. The crowd eggs the two of you as Liam leans over you, pressing his lips to yours softly before leaning back in his seat.

Zayn: “So what’s so great about the Timberwolves?” Zayn asks as you’re on the edge of your seat watching one of your all-time favorites play. “Because of Nolan Smith, now hush,” you say keeping your eyes on the court. You knew he wouldn’t be interested in anything happening on the court when he got you the tickets, but you hadn’t seen Nolan play since his days at Duke so you were excited to go. Minutes later Zayn grabs your shoulder, turns you to face him, and kisses you more passionately than usual. “What was that for?” You ask in confusion. He points up to the jumbotron as you stare at yourselves on ‘Kiss Cam’. “I knew there was a reason I brought you here,” he says wrapping his arm around you

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