Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


55. You're In "This Is Us"

55# You're In "This Is us"

Note: Dis' is amazing, idk why man

Harry: It wasn’t really up to you. You gave up hiding when every single time you hung out with Harry, a camera crew was following him. When finally seeing the movie, you popped up on the screen when the boys were rehearsing for the X-Factor performance. The boys were running soundcheck, goofing off, when Harry ran off the stage and started serenading you. You had your hand covering your mouth, not making eye contact because you couldn’t stop laughing. Before he ran back on stage, he stood up, grabbed your face between his hands and kissed you specifically for the camera that had its lens on you two the entire time. 

Liam: Not realizing that you actually made it into the movie, it was during the tour bus parts. You were hanging in the back with your legs thrown across Liam’s lap, listening to the boys squabble with one another. You couldn’t help but laugh at them. Liam looked at you with your hands covering your eyes because you were crying from laughing so hard. He grabbed both your wrists, pulling them away from your face, and leaned into your ear, “I love you,” he muttered, feeling his breath against your skin. You shied away, before he giggled and gave you a quick kiss on the corner of your mouth, not realizing that the camera had its lens on you that entire moment.

Louis: "Y/N’s quite shy," Louis whispered with his finger in front of his mouth, talking to the camera. You were doing your hair in the bathroom, singing along to your favorite song. You didn’t realize that door opened until after you screamed due to Louis scaring you. He wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, nuzzling his chin in your neck. "You’re an idiot, Lou," you stated, swatting his arm, "get out of here." He was laughing hysterically at this point, grabbing you and spinning you around so he could give you a kiss. Leaving the room, you could still hear him laughing, talking to the camera crew.

Niall: "So today, we are playing some football with some of our friends," Niall was saying, swinging your hands back and forth. "Isn’t that right, babe?" he asked, nudging you. You shyly nodded, smiling. He wrapped his arm around your waist, giving you a kiss on the cheek, whispering a quick, "I love you," before returning to the camera. "Y/N here is quite good I must say at the this sport. I mean, why else would she be my girlfriend?" He cheekily stated, giving you a look. You let go of his hand, pushing him and moving further away, playing along. "Oh, come on, baby. You know I’m with you because of your body, duh!" Your mouth dropped into an O shape, "I hate you, Ni!" you exclaimed, laughing from him chasing you.

Zayn: Zayn definitely didn’t tell you that you made it into the final cut of This Is Us, so to say you were shocked when you saw yourself on the big screen is an understatement. Both Zayn and you were asleep in his bunk when one of the producers for the album came and woke him up, needing him to record. “Okay, give me a second,” Zayn mumbled, rubbing his eyes. You were curled up next to him, your face buried in his neck, hiding from the camera light. He got out of the bunk, reaching up to tuck your hair behind your ear before whispering, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, alright babe?” You simply nodded your head. Before shutting the curtain, Zayn gave you a kiss on the cheek and pulled the covers up over your shoulders, hurrying to finish so he could get back to you.

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