Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

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74. You're his celebrity crush

74# You're his celebrity crush

Note- Heyaaaaaa


Niall: You had heard through many mutual friends, that any time Niall talked about girls in Hollywood he liked, your name was always the first to fall from his lips. Everyone said he was crazy about you. You didn’t believe it though. Of all the incredibly beautiful women in L.A., why would he like you the most? And when you met him for the first time, on the red carpet of an award show, he seemed so distracted, and it was like he did not even care to be there at all. “It’s very nice to meet you Niall,” you smiled, trying not to show your disappointment. A part of you had really hoped what you’d been told was true. “You too,” Niall replied, unable to look at you as he did. He was so nervous meeting you, that it was making him act like he was. He wasn’t distracted like you thought at all, he was just freaking out over actually meeting you after wanting to for so long.
Harry: “[Y/N] is coming down the red carpet right now,” the woman interviewing Harry said, when she saw you from the corner of her eye. Right as she said those words, Harry turned his head to catch a glimpse of you smiling at the cameras. It was no secret that you were Harry’s celebrity crush. He’d said it in enough interviews, for everyone in the world to know how he felt. “She looks gorgeous,” he stated, mostly to himself, before turning around to go back to his interview, trying to remain professional, ”What were we talking about?” The interviewer smiled, but did not reply to his question, “Are you planning to meet [Y/N] tonight?” Harry laughed nervously, “I’d love to, and I think she knows how I feel. So maybe I’ll wait and see if she wants to meet me.” “I’m sure she does,” the interviewer responded, noticing the quick glances you kept sending towards Harry, “And I think you two could be a very cute couple.”
Liam: “Hi,” Liam smiled weakly at you, after Niall and Harry forced him to come over and talk to you. He was so embarrassed though. He knew you probably knew of his crush on you. He’d mentioned it once in an interview, and regretted it ever since. It made him feel so shy to be around you, and he really wanted enough confidence to try and at least be your friend. Knowing you knew his feelings though, it all just felt so awkward for him. “Hi Liam,” you smiled brightly back at him. You did not feel the same awkwardness at all. You were actually happy to finally be meeting him. You did know about his feelings, and knowing that made you so excited to meet him, “I’ve wanted to meet you for so long!” “Me too,” he replied, glad you weren’t making this worse for him, “You’re new song is amazing.” Your eyes lit up at his compliment, “Thank you.”
Louis: Meeting Louis for the first time, you instantly had a connection. It was the strangest feeling you’d ever felt, but it was also the best. It felt like you’d known each other forever, even if it had only been a day. Though you were normally shy when it came to boys, even if you could stand on stage infront of millions; something was telling you to just go for this with Louis. It didn’t hurt that you’d been told before that Louis liked you. “So Louis, are you going to ask me out or not?” It was a very blunt question, but you didn’t want to leave without a date planned. It didn’t feel right. After asking it though, you felt so nerves. What if he really didn’t like you? What if your friends had lied to you? What if you were reading everything wrong? Before you could panic too much, Louis answered you, “I would love to go out with you [Y/N]. What about next Saturday?” You nodded, and a huge smile covered Louis’ face. “I can’t believe I’m actually going out with my celebrity crush.” You blushed, and laughed at his comment, “Me too.”
Zayn: “Do you not like me or something?” You finally asked, after a full day of being completely ignored by Zayn. You were opening for the boys, and so you were spending the day with them, getting to know them better before the tour began. Everyone had been so nice to you, minus Zayn, who barely even looked at you the entire day. “No,” he answered shortly. He didn’t want to let you know it was the exact opposite. He really liked you, and didn’t want to mess up the tour by doing something wrong. He knew these feelings could mess up the tour. “Well then why won’t you speak to me?” you asked, crossing your arms, “We’re stuck together for the next few months, and I’d hate to be ignored the entire time.” He knew what he was doing wasn’t the best way to handle things, and you saying that only made it more obvious, “I’m sorry, I just… I don’t want to make the tour awkward.” You didn’t understand that at all, unaware of his feelings, “Talk to me, and you won’t.” 

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