Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


67. You’re best friends but everyone thinks you’re a couple/something more

67# You’re best friends but everyone thinks you’re a couple/something more

note- damn, a long title

Harry: You were always missing out on dating opportunities because of your friendship with Harry and the things people assumed about the both of you. “I was going to ask you out but I thought you were dating that Harry guy.” The guy you’d been crushing on for nearly a year finally confessed with a shrug. You sniggered, crossing your arms in front of you. “Harry’s my best friend. People always think we’re together.” You told him. “Everyone thinks you’re together. So you’re not then?” He asked again, as though he needed a second confirmation. “We’re one hundred percent platonic.” You repeated, the guy you’d been after for you confirming for everyone that you and Harry were strictly friends as his lips met yours in a kiss you’d been aching for.

Louis: “You’re perfect for each other.” The group of students in your class commented, all nodding in agreement. “We’re just friends.” You repeated the statement that you’d become so accustomed to saying, Louis agreeing with you. “Fine then, kiss and if you’re just friends it won’t make a difference.” One girl dared the both of you, Louis shrugging nonchalantly as he leaned over, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “No way, that wasn’t a real kiss.” The girl posed again, Louis leaning over again to capture your lips, both of you pausing for a moment, losing yourself in the kiss that proved that you were more than just friends. Still, you pulled away, both of you shrugging as you stated, “See, just friends.”

Niall: Since you’d been spotted with Niall, photos of the two of you surfacing on the Internet, you’d been unable to escape accusations that your friendship was something more. The both of you denied seeing each other romantically though more rumors still rose every time you were seen together, fans attacking you verbally for your supposed hidden relations and the media for the lies and secrets they suspected you of keeping. Eventually, you decided not to care what everyone thought about your friendship, holding hands in public, going out as you pleased together, allowing everyone to speculate as they wished. As long as you always knew where you stood with Niall, your best friend.

Liam: “Another date night with Liam?” Your mom questioned, smirking at you from where she was chopping vegetables on the counter. “Not you too mom. We’ve been friends since we were little. It’s not like that.” You laughed at her absurdity, taking a seat as you decided to wait for the next fifteen minutes for Liam to come pick you up, taking you to see a movie. “I don’t get why everyone thinks that. I mean, a guy and a girl can be just friends.” You shrugged. “Yeah sure a guy and a girl can be friends, just not you and Liam. Believe me, lets just call it a mother’s intuition but there’s something more there. When you’re thirty and married to him I promise not to say I told you so.” You couldn’t help but laugh at the statement, speaking quietly as you replied. “We’ll see.”

Zayn: Maybe it was the way you always held hands in public or the way his lips would linger on your cheek every time you said goodbye to one another, but you and Zayn were just friends, something no one seemed to be able to understand. “But you’re perfect for each other.” You best girl friend would even say. “Who’s perfect for each other?” Zayn smiled, his arm hanging around your shoulders as he pulled you closer to him, walking along with the two of you. “No one.” You mumbled, looking up at your best friend who acted more like your boyfriend than anything. If only he was.

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