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45. Your parents dosen't approve him

45#Your parents dosen't approve him

Note: Again this perfect human being have writtin' something for you again, but I edited A LOT this time lol. make sure to read her movellas! they're gold. *yes I know Zayn and Niall's text dosen't look like the other, but who gives a shit?:)'*

Zayn: "I will not allow it!" "But daddy-" "No!" "I just don't understand why you won't let me marry him!" You yelled and tears rolling down your cheeks. You couldn't believe your dad right now. Your dad sighed before sitting down and patting the seat by him. You sat down and put your head on his shoulder exhaling for a long time. "I just don't understand why you don't like Zayn, he never did anything wrong" you said with a crack in the end. "It's just that.." "It's just what!?" "He pays more attention to what he wants, and not what you wants. I want my little girl to have everything she deserves. And, someone who likes how their own face looks in a mirror more than how my daughter looks. I just. I can't." Your dad finished while rubbing your back. You removed your head from his shoulder. "Why do you not understand that I love Zayn? I am not your little girl anymore.." You whispered and stands up, grabs your coat and walks out of the house leaving your dad on the couch.  

Niall : Your parents are coming over today, and you were cleaning like a maniac around Niall and his trash. "Hey hun, could you get me a sandwich?" Niall called from the other room. I huffed silently before grabbing the plate with a sandwich you made for yourself and handing it to him. The doorbell rang, and you scurried over to open it before Niall even could move. "Dad! Mum!" You cried while hugging them. "Hey y/n, you didn't finish cleaning the kitchen, AND you didn't finish the laundry !" Niall yelled from the other room. Your parents look disappointedly at you. "I though you got rid of him." Your dad said in unison. "But I love him" "How can you love a boy who tells you what to do?" your mom said calmly but it still sounded harsh. "Imma' go punch some words into his mind!" You quickly stood infront of your dad and pressed two hands to his chest. "No daddy! Please stop, you do not understand! I really love Ni-" "Y/N YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! HE IS USING YOU!" Now Niall stood in the doorway hearing everything what there was told. "Y/n if you felt that I am using you, could you just have told me, then I could leave" you were not able to say anything before Niall was pushing through your parents and you and out of the door. "Look what you did.. I can't believe you guys right now.. I hate you" tears was streaming down your face then you closed your door right in your parents face.  

Harry:Harry and you was invited over for dinner at your mom's house, and Harry was really touchy feely tonight. He pinched your bum for the 10th time this night. "Harry. Stop." You whispered while trying to listen to what your mom was saying. He scoffed before slouching back and rolling his eyes. You glared over at Harry and thought that he stopped. You felt really uncomfortable when Harry kept touching you. He placed his hand on your inner thigh now and began to run it up to your privates before you pulled his hand away nonchalantly. Your mom stopped mid sentence and turned to Harry. "Ya know, Harry, I are right here, and I can actually see what you're doing" Your mom said furiously. "I'm sorry Ma'am" Harry said sinking into his chair, clearly embarrassed of being caught touching her daughter "You better be sorry, to be honest I don't like you Harry, you're too sexual for my daughter! She is too young for sex and to get pregna-" "Okay mom, I think Harry got the clue of that he shouldn't be touhing me in public, okay? You said trying to defend your boyfriend. Harry awkwardly excused himself to go to the bathroom and your mom just nodded.  "How could  you!" you now yelled at her. "I am just trying to protect my own daughter to be a young mother!" "I can protect myself! I am not a baby anymore!" "I just want you the best!" "Then leave me and Harry alone!" after a short time of silents you realised that Harry wasn't going to come back from the bathroom. 

Liam: He's way too overly clingy. He barely lets you out of his sight to go see your parents, and they miss you terribly. But after a long time convincing Liam to let you go he finally agreed to let you go see them. "So you got off your puppy leash huh? Finally." Your father exclaimed giving you a big smile. You looked at your father rather shocked "I thought you liked Liam?" "I never really liked him, he's way too clingy for you" "Wait, wait, wait so all this time you've been sweet to Liam was just pretend?" "You can say that, yeah" your dad finished. Anger was boiling inside you. "I can't believe you!" your dad looked clueless. "You can't be serious Y/n, do not tell me that you couldn't see that he was so clingy?"  "He's just protective..." You defended. "You couldn't even go to the toilet without you having him in your ass!" "Don't you dare say that about Liam! He's just making sure to protect me!" "On the goddamn toilet Y/n!? Really? To make sure that you're not falling in the toilet?!" "DAD!!" you yelled at the top of your lungs, breathing heavy. You couldn't look your dad in the eyes anymore. Your dad just stood there. Didn't say anything. Didn't do anything. Without a word you stomped out of the front door. Never looking back at your dad.

Louis: He's a work-o-holic. He barely has any time for you anymore. You try to keep it together, but your parents can see through you. You aren't going anywere anymore. "We know you miss him and stuff. But just end it. Please. We hate seeing you trying to hold your relationship together, and failing" "I can't. And I won't. I love him too much to do that, and you know that! If it means I have to wait a few more months, I will wait" You said careless. "Y/n, Louis dosen't care about you anymore!" your mother spoke. "He does care, he just can't find a way to say it.." "or show it" you glared at your mom. "Why do you even care? It's Louis' and my problem. Not yours" "Because there needs to be someone to care about you, when he dosen't!" You wipped away a tear rolling down your cheek. "The fame as got into his head, y/n" you shaked your head. "You just don't believe it because you love him too much, just let go of him. He isn't worth it anymore"  The doorbell went off and you got up while wiping the tears off your face to go and open the door. "Surprise..." Louis said from the outdoors with  red roses, your favorite. And she said he didn't care about you.

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