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12. Your Child Runs On Stage/Into An Interview

12# Your Child Runs On Stage/Into An Interview


Y/S/N = Your sons name.

Y/D/N = Your daugthers name

Liam: "Mommy?" "Yes sweetheart?" "Where's Daddy?" Your 3 year old daughter asked you while you both sat in the boys dressing room backstage at their current concert. "He is getting ready to go on stage." "Can we go watch him?" "Sure." You took your daughter's hand and walked her to the stage. The concert began and you and your daughter stood on the side of the stage smiling watching Liam sing his heart out. All of a sudden your daughter let go of your hand and ran out onto the stage towards Liam. You watched as Liam bent down and scooped her up off the ground while still singing. The crowd erupted in cheers and you smiled even bigger. Your daughter then snuggled into Liam's chest and Liam start to laugh at her cuteness. Your daughter was a major Daddy's girl. After they finished the song you walked onto the stage as well and took your daughter back from Liam. She understood that she couldn't stay on the stage but she was still upset that she had to leave him. Liam gave you and her a kiss before you walked back off the stage and the crowd couldn't have screamed any louder.

Louis (His P.O.V.): I was sitting on a couch with Niall and Liam staring at my shoes. The interviewer ask another boring question and I answered it with something funny and sarcastic which caused the other boys to laugh and I smiled for the first time today. I was missing my family dearly. My wife, son and daughter were home half way across the world probably sleeping or just waking up. God I miss them so much! I miss waking up next to my beautiful wife, (Y/N), and my two beautiful kids bouncing on our bed trying to get us up. I look back down at my shoes again and I heard the interviewer announce that we were going on a break. I then felt Niall nudge my side with his elbow and I looked up and over to where he was pointing. I then saw my son and daughter running over towards me. I leapt off of the couch and engulfed them in a hug. "Hi daddy!" They boy said. "Hi guys! I've missed you two so much!" Squeezing them both tighter and then laughed. "Where's mom?" I asked the two of them and they pointed in the direction in which they had just come from. I then saw my beautiful wife, (Y/N), walking over well scratch that.... speed walking over to me. I grabbed her and kissed her with as much passion as I could. "I've missed you."

Zayn: You and your son sat backstage of an interview waiting for Zayn to get done. You and your son flew out to where the boys currently were because your son was missing him terribly. "Mommy I'm hungry." Your 5 year old whined. "Come on, let's go find something to eat." You said standing up and taking your son's hand. As you were walking towards the food you passed the door that led to the stage where the interview was taking place. Your son must of caught a glimpse of your husband because all of a sudden he let go of your hand and took off. You quickly followed him and ran smack into Paul. "Sorry Paul." "It's alright (Y/N), but you can't go on the stage. I can see that you a dying to see Zayn but you are going to need to wait until they are finished." "I understand but (Y/C/N) just ran out there." "Oh!" You both then looked over to an eruption of laughter coming from the stage and you saw Zayn holding your son up in the air making him laugh. "Well so much for the surprise." You said and Paul just laughed.

Harry (His P.O.V.): "Daddy!" I heard a little voice call out and it sounded a lot like my daughter (Y/C/N). Last night as I was face timing with my gorgeous wife, our youngest daughter said her first word which was Daddy. After she learned how to say it show wouldn't stop! (Y/N) and I were laughing for a good 10 minutes at how adorable she was. Our other daughter thought she was being funny and started to tell our daughter very rude things to say which she had learned mostly from her Uncle Niall and let's just say I had a little chat with him about that afterwards. "Daddy!" I heard it again but it was impossible. (Y/N) and the kids were back home in London and I was in America doing interviews. "DADDY!" Someone yelled. Alright where are they? I thought to myself. "Isn't that right Harry?" Louis asked me and I just nodded looking in the direction of where I heard the tiny voice yell. All of a sudden my youngest daughter ran through the curtains on the interview set and ran over to me. "Sweetie, what are you doing here?" "Surprise!" My other daughter yelled as she walked through the curtain. I just shook my head while smiling, gladly letting my two daughters sit with for the rest of the interview. As soon as we finished I ran backstage and wrapped my arms around my gorgeous wife kissing her all over her face causing her to let out a loud laugh. Ahh music to my ears!

Niall: "Princess!" Niall yelled coming off the stage real quick to change. "Daddy!" Your daughter ran over to Niall and quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her off of the ground. "I have to go change real quick princess but don't worry I'll be back in a sec." "Ok!" Niall then placed your daughter back on the ground and gave you a quick kiss, said hi and walked off. You held your daughter's hand as people walked back and forth quickly preparing for the boys next song. Niall then reappeared and gave you both another kiss before he walked back out onto the stage. The stage was still dark because they were waiting for the crowd to grow quiet before they started their next song. You saw your daughter walk out onto the stage and hug her father's leg not letting go. Niall gave you a desperate look and you just shrugged. You then walked out onto the stage and the crowd screamed. "So much for getting them to be quiet." Harry said looking over at you and you smiled. Niall then started to sing the opening line and walked around with your daughter still holding onto his leg for dear life. You thought it was adorable and you smiled. You tried to get your daughter off the stage but eventually you gave up and let her spend time with her father on stage. Niall even gave her the mic to sing his line and she did it with ease. Looks like you two have got a singer on your hands!

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