Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


69. You Wake Up and He's Not There

69# You Wake Up and He's Not There

Note- idk

Harry: You roll over in bed, sprawling your limbs out across the empty space beside you, when your eyes suddenly fly open and you stumble out of bed. You’re barely awake, but you manage to call out Harry’s name, getting no response. Panicking, you hurry out of the room, dragging the blanket with you. You stop when you see a note sitting on the table, signed by Harry: “Had some last minute work in the studio. All the boys were called in. I’m really sorry, (Y/N), but I promise I’ll be home soon –Love, Harry :)

Liam: Your eyes flicker open and you hum softly before mumbling, “What do you want for breakfast?” You wait in silence for a minute, before curiously peeking your head up to see that Liam isn’t even there. You peel yourself from the warmth of your bed and wander around when your phone suddenly rings, causing you to jump from the unexpected noise of your ringtone. Seeing that it’s Liam, you quickly answer it, and his rambling voice is filling your ears. “I amso sorry, I didn’t want to wake you so I just left but-” He starts, but you interrupt him by asking, “Well what do you want for breakfast when you get home?”

Niall: “Niall!” You call out, shortly after realizing that your boyfriend is no longer lying beside you. The house remains silent and you begin to get nervous as you force yourself out of bed. “Niall?” You try again, a bit louder this time. You search your entire house for him, to discover that he must have left. You find yourself in the kitchen, pausing when you notice a plate of pancakes on the table, with a note card sitting beside it. A smile spreads over your features and you move closer, picking up the note card: “Did you sleep well, princess? I made you some pancakes to make up for me leaving so early. Call me after you read this, okay? Love you! –Niall

Louis: You squirm around, with the intent of cuddling up to Louis. Your eyebrows furrow with confusion as you realize that there is no Louis to cuddle with. “Hey,” You groan, thinking that Louis is probably just playing a trick on you. “This isn’t funny,” You add, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from your eyes after letting out a yawn. Pouting, you bring yourself to your feet. When you notice the unusual silence that has taken over the house, you come to the conclusion that Louis must have had to leave early, which is confirmed by a text he sent to your phone.

Zayn: Zayn has always been a fairly quiet sleeper, so you’re not surprised when you wake up to silence. The real surprise hits you when you catch sight of the emptiness next to you. You wander out to the living room, stopping when you see Liam sitting on your couch with a book in his hands. “Liam!” You scream, completely confused as to why he’s there and Zayn isn’t. “What are you doing here?! Where’s Zayn?” Liam sets his book down and smiles, saying, “Calm down, dear. Zayn had to run out and he asked me to stay here and keep an eye on you until you woke up, in case you got scared or something.”

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