Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


81. You meet his parents for the first time

81# You meet his parents for the first time

Note- I feel like crying, just end it right here

Harry ; “I don’t know, I think it shows a bit too much skin.” The dress was lovely, it really was. Lou did a great job but you didn’t want Harry’s family to get the wrong idea. “Relax love, they’ll love you no matter what you’re wearing.” You ended up going with a simple, strapless, floor length black dress. You rode with the boys to the premier and as soon as you got there Harry went to find his family, leaving you with the boys. “His mum is lovely, you have nothing to worry about.” Louis assured you while you stood with him and Eleanor. “And here they come.” Louis gripped your arm real quick, his way of letting you know it’s going to be fine. Lou and Eleanor greeted Anne, Robin and Gemma then went to find his family.  ”Hi Y/N.” Anne pulled you into a warm hug. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” When Gemma and Robin introduced themselves you knew you worried for nothing. While the boys were doing interviews you and Gemma bonded over makeup and clothes. “By the way I love your dress. Did Lou pick it out?” “She brought it over but I decided on it.” You told her. “You have great taste. I’m liking you more and more.” Anne and Robin asked you about your job and your family. They truly wanted to get to know you. 

 Niall ; You were nervous and Niall could tell. You flew to Ireland with Niall for Theo’s birthday party. You’re about to meet his whole family for the first time. The whole ride to Greg and Denise’s house neither of you said a word, his grip on your hand only got tighter. The car pulled to Denise and Greg’s driveway about you felt like you couldn’t move, you were getting more and more nervous. “What if they don’t like me?” After minutes of Niall trying to calm you down you were ready to go meet his family. “They’re going to love you.” He kissed the corner of your mouth right before Denise opened the door. “Uncle Niall.” Niall swooped Theo up in his arms. “Missed ya buddy.” Theo demanded on showing Niall his new big boy bed leaving you and Denise standing in the doorway.  ”Come meet everyone.” You followed her into the living room. Maura came up and wrapped her arms around you. “Niall’s told us so much about you. I’m so glad to finally meet you!” The rest of his family greeted you and you felt at ease. After the party you were helping clean up the plates. “She’s lovely.” You heard Maura tell Niall. You stopped, wanting to hear what she has to say.  ”She’s even more beautiful and sweet in person. She’s good for you.” 

Liam ;  You were excited to go home with Liam. You couldn’t wait to meet his family and see where he came from. In the short time you’ve been together he’s told you all about his favorite childhood hangouts and now you get to see those places that are close to him. The two and a half drive was boring but it went by fast. Liam was concentrating on the road and you kept dozing off. As soon as Liam pulled into his parents driveway his mum came out to greet you two. She pulled you into her arms, “it’s great to finally meet you.” She let you go and moved to Liam. “Mum, I’m going to show Y/N around.” He showed you around the house, making sure you knew where everything was so you wouldn’t get lost in the middle of the night when you have to go to the bathroom. “And this is my room.” He opened the door and you almost lost it when you saw a cardboard cutout of Liam by his bed. He told you how his mum bought it so he could be there all the time. Right after he told you his mum called for dinner. Both his sisters and dad sat at the table. “Hi Y/N.” Ruth came up to greet you. His dad asked you plenty of questions. “Dad chill, you have plenty of time get to know her.” 

 Louis ; You watched him and couldn’t be prouder.  Louis had a smile on his face and you could tell that he was glad to be back on the field playing instead of on the field coaching. ”He loves his game.” Lottie and Johanna sat next to you. “Lou told us you aren’t much of a football fan?” You laughed. “I mean I used to be but then my dad passed. I haven’t been able to watch a game since.” It was bittersweet, you were glad to be back around the game but it was hard. This game makes you think of your dad. “Oh.” Johanna and Lottie said in unison. They both apologized, “Louis didn’t tell us.” You assured them that it was fine and with that they changed the subject. After the game you, Lottie and Johanna waited for Louis to arrive at a little restaurant. “Y/N is really lovely.” Johanna rubbed your back trying to make you feel better. Louis noticed that you were a little upset so he crooked his eyebrows at you and you nodded, letting him know you were okay now. “It helped having your mom and sister here. They made me feel better.” You smiled at them, you were nervous earlier but you were glad they were there. “Congrats to Lou for a kick ass game and welcome to the family Y/N, I can’t wait for more soccer games with you.” Lottie ended her toast and you were in tears. These people who barley knew you were opening their family up to you. 

Zayn ; You and Zayn were in his kitchen, you were drinking tea and listening to him as he told you about his day.  ”My sisters going to be in town tonight. She’s looking at flats tomorrow since she got a job here. I told her she could stay here and id go with her tomorrow. Ya know, spend some time together. I figure we could have dinner here and just hang out. You could cook that chicken meal I love so much.” Zayn could tell you were freaking out, you two haven’t been together that long and from what you hear his sister hasn’t been a fan of Zayns exes. “Relax, just be yourself and you’ll be fine.” He kissed your neck as he lifted you up and set you down on the counter. Once dinner was done you ran upstairs to change. You were glad that you’ve started keeping clothes here at Zayns house. You decided to wear a blue maxi dress with a long black necklace. Once you got downstairs and started to talk to Doniya you realized you have nothing to worry about. “My mums told me he talks about you all the time. I’m glad I can go back and tell her that you are just as sweet as Zayn made you out to be. And you can cook. This is great.” You told her you’d give her the recipe but she insisted anytime she wanted it she’d come over to your flat. “I’m relieved.” You told Zayn while Doniya was changing into her ‘relaxing clothes.’ “I told you that you had nothing to worry about. I knew she’d love you.” Just as Doniya came downstairs Zayn kissed you. 

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