Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


27. You meet his family for the first time. *request*

27# You meet his family for the first time - Request

Note: the text type didn't want the same thing as I wanted. Deal with it

Niall: "(Y/N), you allright?" he asks, looks at you worried. "I-I guess... I'm just... Very excited." He was excited too. Eventually, you'll finally meet his parents. So, he smiles and holds your hand. "Don't worry. They'll like you. " He knocks the door. In 1 minutes, his mom and dad welcome you. Then all of you enter the hall & sit on the couch. "Niall, you've been told me she's beautiful but I didn't realize she would be so nice." his mom, Maura says. "Mom.." Niall says, blushing. "Thank you so much, Mrs. Horan." you smile. Everything is going well, his parents liked you. Later, Niall takes a picture of you and his family & shares it on Twitter. When it's time to leave, "You can visit any time you want." Bobby says. You nod. "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Horan." In the car, he kisses you softly. "I'm so glad you're mine." he whispers in your ear. You can't help but smile. "I love you Nialler." "I love you more (Y/N)."

Harry: You, Harry and his mom have been waiting in the backstage for the program to begin. This was the first time he takes you a live show. "So mom, here's the girl I told you about. (Y/N)." Harry puts his hand on your waist. You smile to his mom, Anne. "Look at this, what a beautiful girl. How are you sweetie?" Anne says with a huge smile. "I'm pretty good, how are you Mrs. Cox?" Then, a man walks over you. "5 minutes to perform." Harry cuts, "Okay umm, I need to go now. Don't gossip about me." He turns back for the last time. "Mom, this was for you." You laugh together. Harry nods and goes for the show. While the boys sing One Thing, Anne was giving you advice about Harry. She really liked you and proud of his son finally found the right person. After 10 minutes, Harry comes over you. "You were amazing babe." you say. He kisses your cheek. "I can't wait for you to join the family." his mom says happily. You bite your lip & knowing this is the best part of your day.

Zayn: You and Zayn were visiting his mom for the dinner. You try to look fine as you could. After a little chat, Tricia and Zayn go to the kitchen. "I'll come back in 5 minutes, babe." he yells. You waited so long but they didn't come back. So you follow them but saw them talking. "Zayn, is she really your girlfriend?" his mom says, shocked. "Yes, mom. I already told you so many times." he sighs. "I know, I just can't believe. She's kind and nice. I'm so happy for my little baby." "She's just perfect." he confirms. You smile. "Can I help you Mrs. Malik?" you cry. "Oh, thanks hun. Everything is okay." Zayn holds your hand. "Let's go." he mutters. You nod and go back to dining table. "How did she find me-" "There's nothing to worry about. You're perfect in every way." He kisses you.

Liam: "(Y/N) are you still there?" your boyfriend, Liam yells. He was standing down the stairs, waiting for you to be ready. You and his family will go to dinner together tonight. So you are undecided about what to wear. But after all, you find the perfect dress. "Yes, love. I'm coming!" you laugh and appear. He just freezes while looking at you. He thinks you're an angel that comes from heaven. You clear your throat. "Liam? Do I look bad? Because If I look bad, I'll go and change my-" he cuts and starts to kiss you. "You look great." he says between the kisses. "Then we should go now." He confirms. At the dinner, you and his family talk too much. His mom Karen, starts to talk about the little Payne. "Mommy, not now." Liam says, blushing. You smile how cute he is. But Karen continues. Everybody laughs & having a good time. And at the end of the night, when you're about to leave, "Take care of my son, young lady." his dad, Geoff jokes. You nod. "You can be sure, Mr. Payne." "There is no doubt in my mind. I know, you're a nice girl. This time, Liam made a good choice."

Louis: "You're beautiful." Louis whispers when he realizes how look insecure you are. You try to smile but can't. You feel like your heart might stop at any moment. "So you guys met at the beach, right?" his dad, Mark asks. "Yes, sir." you reply to him. "I really liked you." Lottie randomly says. "Of course you did." Louis cries playfully. "Thanks, I liked you too Lottie." you say in a cute way. "Oh! That's mean we can go shopping together? You have a great style, (Y/N)!" Lottie asks happily. "Why not, hun?" "That's it. You're my stylist now. Lou, if you break her heart I'm gonna punch you." "Shut up, Lottie!" You laugh with his family. "I don't think so." you finally say. During the night, you relax and start to talk without shame. "Thank you for coming here, (Y/N)." Johannah says with a huge smile. "It was a pleasure to me, Mrs. Tomlinson." "Lou, don't keep her far away from us." his dad says. "I won't dad, see you soon." Lottie can't wait and hugs you. "See you soon stylist."

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