Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.

Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !


77. You just want to cuddle

77# You just want to cuddle

Note - Here you go, it was what I could do- hope you'll enjoy it.

Niall: You’d just gotten your period and you felt awful. Constant going to the toilet, eating chocolate and the horrible cramps made you either lay in bed or sit on the toilet. When Niall came home from a long day at work he wanted nothing more than to have his way with you so he crept into the bed, peppering your neck with kisses and you could feel an obvious bulge pressed against your back. “Hello princess. Glad to see you here, I’m going to rock-“ you clutched your stomach and yelped in pain as you felt another cramp, making Niall stop his sentence abruptly. “Princess, what’s wrong?” he asks worriedly. “Period.” you say, your voice filled with pain as Niall sighs. “I’m sorry, can I get you something?” he asked you, his hands now softly running over your arm. “No,” you whisper, “just cuddle with me, please.”

Zayn: "Thank god you’re finally here.” Zayn sighs as you pulled your garfield pyjama over your head, onto your body, the warmness making you smile heavenly. You were visiting Zayn on tour in Canada and it was freezingly cold. Also, because of the time difference, you were totally exhausted. You fell down onto the soft mattress of the luxe hotel you were staying at and Zayn laid down next to you, grabbing his book. “Zayn,” you whisper with a small voice, snuggling into the pillow, your eyes closed, “can you just lay with me, please? Just for a few minutes.” Zayn looked next to him and he smiled. You looked adorable, so fragile. “Of course boo, whatever you want, you get.” he whispered back before putting his book down on the nightstand and turning off the light, cuddling into you.

Louis: It was around 5 o’clock when the alarm went off, and Louis shot up. He had to go to the study early, just like every other day, even though they just practiced for the Where We Are tour. Louis quickly pulled on a shirt and some jeans and went into the bathroom to shave. He didn’t do anything to his hair, Lou would do that, besides, Louis wasn’t that good with hair. He stumbled to his shoes in the corner of the room when he saw you yawning and rubbing your eyes. You looked at him and pouted. “Louis, don’t go yet, please, cuddle with me today. I’m not feeling well.” Louis looked at you, your non-resistable pout, then back at his shoes, to you, his shoes, and he sighed. He nodded before throwing his jeans off again. He climbed into the bed and snuggled into you, rehearsals would be his last worry; you were his priority.

Harry: You cried, and you cried, and you cried. Harry just patted your back and held you close, because on that moment, there was nothing else he could do. You needed him, you needed Harry to tell you it was going to be okay, so he did. Harry felt wrecked; whenever you felt pain, he felt it too. Your tears stained his $380 dollar shirt, but he couldn’t care less. When you eventually fell into a deep sleep, Harry carried you upstairs, into the bedroom, into bed. He pulled off your shorts and took off his own jeans too, laying down next to you in bed. He spooned you, only certain about one thing: when you woke up again, he’d make you forget the pain, he’d make you feel better again.

Liam: "I just don’t want you to leave again. I know it’s stupid, but-“ “it’s not stupid, I don’t want to leave you either.” Liam cut you off, whispering as he looked into your eyes. It was midnight and you were in bed, talking. In 8 hours Liam would leave to go to another country again, and you’d be alone again. You sighed, “these weeks are going to be the worst.” He nodded and scooted closer to you. He pulled against him, your warm body against his cold one, since he was only half beneath the blanket. You sniffed and kissed Liam’s lips softly. “Let’s just cuddle until you have to go again, please.”

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